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10th March 2021

Gatorade launches smart patch to measure fitness and hydration levels

Gatorade introduce their first wearable smart patch to measure the fitness and hydration levels of athletes

Gatorade have launched its first wearable smart patch device, the Gx Sweat Patch, which measures users’ fitness and hydration levels. The product is the first of its kind for the sports drink brand, and will be single-use. The patch will retail for $24.99.
The technology behind the innovative product will involve analysing sweat in bid to furnish athletes with information regarding their hydration levels and fitness levels. The athlete then will be able to adapt their hydration strategy in bid to maximize performance, avoid dehydration and avoid cramping.
Gatorade advises users to place the patch on the left arm during a single workout. This will then react to the sweat produces throughout the workout, and will start to fill up. Once the workout is over, athletes can then scan their patch using the company’s own app, Gx, and obtain information on their sweat profile.
Gatorade executive Brett O’Brien, shared in a press release:

The Gx System represents the evolution of  how we’re serving athletes. By offering intelligence to help them make choices about everything from their fueling plan to training to recovery, we’re supporting athletes like never before,

According to Duane Stanford, editor and publisher of Beverage Digest, the initiative will give the brand competitive advantage in the sports drinks market:

When you’re able to personalize and customize, often you can do that at a premium price. It’s the kind of thing that can enhance your margins,

In similar news, we reported that researchers at the University of California San Diego have developed one-of-a-kind skin patch that monitors cardiovascular signals and certain biochemical levels in the human body simultaneously.
Source: CNBC