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11th August 2023

InterSystems unveils integration’s impact on HealthTech growth

The growth of HealthTech companies hinges on their ability to seamlessly integrate with diverse healthcare and non-healthcare applications and services. In his role as Sales Manager at InterSystems Corporation, Vadim Fedorov spearheads the development of Data Platform business in the Middle East and India, with a special focus on healthcare.

FHIRing up HealthTech Integration with InterSystems

The healthcare industry is facing a major challenge when it comes to healthcare interoperability. The adoption of relevant healthcare standards and protocols, such as HL7® FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), is crucial to simplifying the integration of different healthcare applications and services. However, despite the importance of these standards, not all healthcare providers, and particularly HealthTech companies, are fully prepared to embrace FHIR and other healthcare standards, even in the present day.

This is where InterSystems enters the picture, offering a comprehensive solution tailored to the specific requirements of healthcare providers and HealthTech companies. The InterSystems IRIS for Health Data Platform and HealthShare Health Connect integration engine have been purposefully designed to meet these distinct needs.

We recognize that the business growth of HealthTech companies hinges on their capacity to manage application programming interfaces (APIs) and integrate their solutions with a plethora of systems. These include Electronic Medical Records solutions, Medical Devices, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management software, and other healthcare and non-healthcare applications and services.

Unsystematic custom point-to-point integrations result in long-term complications, proving to be more time-consuming in development and maintenance. Moreover, this approach frequently results in mounting technical debt.

By embracing pertinent healthcare standards and protocols, such as FHIR, and leveraging a robust embedded healthcare interoperability engine, HealthTech companies can achieve faster integration, establishing an integration module that fulfils their present and future requirements.

Our solutions, InterSystems IRIS for Health and HealthShare Health Connect, encompass support for all the main healthcare standards and protocols, including FHIR, HL7, and Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) profiles. Within our offerings, you will find an integration adapter library, ready-to-use FHIR APIs, a powerful business processes engine, and comprehensive API management capabilities. Moreover, our embedded database ensures the storage of every message flowing through integrated systems, guaranteeing message delivery and providing a complete audit trail for seamless troubleshooting. Rest assured, no messages will ever be lost, and any interrupted business process can effortlessly resume from the point of interruption.

For customers seeking data storage and access solutions, both InterSystems products offer a FHIR server. These products also feature an adaptable security model with enterprise-wide provisioning capabilities, enabling seamless data protection both “at rest” and “in motion” across even the most extensive deployments. Moreover, they provide visual diagnostics, auditing functionalities, industry-leading message trace capabilities, event detection, alerting, and real-time monitoring. These comprehensive features collectively enhance operational efficiency and effectively reduce costs associated with maintaining integrations and APIs for HealthTech companies.

InterSystems IRIS for Health and HealthShare Health Connect can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud. HealthTech companies have the option to subscribe to Health Connect Cloud, where InterSystems takes charge of designing, hosting, and delivering the integration platform. This means they don’t need to acquire, operate, secure, or maintain the infrastructure themselves. The distinction between the two InterSystems products lies in their functionalities. HealthShare Health Connect serves as a dedicated integration engine, while IRIS for Health Data Platform goes beyond integration, encompassing healthcare application development and data analysis capabilities as well.

InterSystems IRIS for Health and HealthShare Health Connect are trusted by thriving and well-established HealthTech companies for seamless healthcare interoperability. Moreover, our partners value the fact that the InterSystems IRIS for Health platform serves as the core foundation for InterSystems’ widely deployed TrakCare and HealthShare solutions. These solutions are implemented in top-tier hospital chains and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), representing the desired connections that HealthTech companies aspire to approach with their own applications.

For instance, PainChek, an Australian HealthTech company developing software-as-a-service (SaaS), artificial intelligence (AI) pain assessment and monitoring platform uses InterSystems IRIS for Health to scale up their capacity to connect to medical record systems, including InterSystems TrakCare, and home care systems. After embracing InterSystems IRIS for Health, PainChek transitioned from their previous custom-built message formats to the widely recognized HL7 and FHIR industry standards. This shift enabled seamless integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), streamlining the integration process and reducing associated costs for PainChek.

InterSystems not only provides comprehensive software platforms, but also assists partners and customers with solution architecture and trains their development teams to expedite the adoption of InterSystems IRIS for Health and HealthShare Health Connect.

In the rapidly growing HealthTech market, we firmly believe that companies with the ability to swiftly and efficiently solve healthcare interoperability challenges gain a significant competitive advantage.

The more efficiently HealthTech companies can solve interoperability issues, the faster they can grow by acquiring new customers and entering new markets.

As a trusted partner, InterSystems provides HealthTech companies with cutting-edge technology and extensive experience, ensuring that they have a reliable foundation to rely on.

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