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23rd September 2022

Med-Tech World adds Conversational AI and Voice Tech to its agenda

Med-Tech World is elated to announce its partnership with Harry P. Pappas, Founder and CEO of Intelligent Health Association, for the upcoming event in November 2022. In collaboration with the Open Voice Network, the Conversational Design Institute, the Intelligent Health Association and the Blockhain Healthcare Consortium, visitors stand to benefit from several exciting educational programs on Conversational AI, Voice Tech and more!

Conversational AI and Voice Technology for Improved Health and Wellness

On the 17th of November, visitors can partake in an all day workshop on Conversational AI and Voice Technology in Healthcare. Panel discussions have also been added into the agenda for the following day, kickstarting the 18th with a CAI and VOICE bootcamp from 9 to noon, followed up by a four hour panel on Blockchain in healthcare.

Brought to you by experts, Voice Technology is revolutionising how we do Healthcare.

The Conversational AI and Voice Technology for Improved Health and Wellness workshop is presented by the Open Voice Network and the Intelligent Health Association in cooperation with Med-Tech World. It is set to cover what’s new, what’s contemporary and what’s trustworthy. Built on fundamental principles centred on technology, education, and training, this seminar is especially meant for clinicians, providers, payers, technology organizations and patient advocates.

The seminar will display the why, the where and how conversational AI technologies are reshaping patient care and clinical workflows. It will shine a spotlight on how we can improve patient experience, patient care and safety, improve our personal health through Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring, and drive down healthcare costs. Furthermore, the seminar will touch upon regulation regarding voice, data privacy and what healthcare providers must do about biometrics, biomarkers and third-party data collectors.

Speaking and listening digital technology is being applied to medical systems across the world, revolutionising patient outcomes and clinical efficiencies. A topic of major importance is its application to the rapidly growing realm of Remote Patient Monitoring and Management.

Visitors are invited to join the discussions and absorb the latest insights on how new technologies are improving workflow efficiencies and patient outcomes for all. Furthermore, the event remains the premier opportunity to network with the thought leaders in the field. The potential of taking home some great ways in which you can change the delivery of healthcare at your institution is at an all-time-high.

Finding our Voice – Harry P. Pappas and associates

Voice is emerging as a primary, multi-device portal to the digital and IOT worlds. The Open Voice Network (OVON) is set to make voice technology worthy of user trust. OVON will achieve its vision through communal development, education and adoption of industry standards and usage guidelines. They have partnered up with Harry P. Pappas, alongside Med-Tech World and the Intelligent Health Association.

Med-Tech World is excited to be working with Harry P. Pappas. A global thought leader and a tech-geek at heart, Pappas is renowned for his commitment to digital health. He focuses on the benefits of the application of technology to improve hospitals and primary care-givers, transforming the health and wellness community in today’s “Continuum of care”.

Pappas is the Founder & CEO of the Intelligent Health Association, a global, social purpose, educational, tech-centric organization. It is dedicated to helping educate members of the Healthcare community on the adoption of new technologies, new software, smart drugs, apply digital therapeutics and APPS that can improve patient care, patient outcomes, and patient safety, while driving down the cost of Healthcare.


It is now estimated that the global digital health market will increase to around $640 billion by 2026. Through our expertise coupled with optimized networking, we will ensure that both investors and startups are on the ground floor of this health revolution. The event which is organized and curated alongside a team of doctors, attracts legislators and policymakers, medical professionals, and investors from across the world, addresses the opportunities and challenges driving this million-dollar forum.