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7th July 2022

On the road with Med-Tech World: Dr. Dylan Attard and Dr. Ryan Grech

Dr. Dylan Attard, Dr. Ryan Grech and their team have a passion for health tech and a belief that digitalization can solve the looming health care crisis

It is perhaps only now that we see the world emerging back into its former self that we can say that the end of the pandemic is near. A lot of people over the past two years have said that the idea of conferences is a thing of the past – people can no access content virtually.

What the same people have realized though, is that it is just not the same. You can’t replicate the feel-good vibes, the networking and the in-person experience. It’s not just the conference itself though, travelling to a new country where you can relax yet be productive at the same time appeals to the masses.

The shift that there is, is that companies, attendees and speakers alike are more conscientious about where they attend, be it to reduce their carbon footprint or because of resources.

That is why Med-Tech World is emerging as a standout conference amongst the rest. We have grasped that people want something different, and that is why we have positioned ourselves as a contrast to existing health tech conference brands from the get-go. This is why we also think our brand reputation is spreading at a fast pace and has allowed us to double in size year-on-year and pop up in different cities – because we understand that the health tech industry wants something that stands out beyond the standard.

What we both still hold dear is excellently curated content with top-notch speakers – which is pivotal to our success. What sets us apart and helps us innovate is the creation of an environment during our conference which promotes networking and fosters collaboration. As a result, we continue to seek ways in which we can make networking effortless so that our attendees can focus on interacting with the right people.

Med-Tech World:  Dubai, Toronto & Beyond

Our growth has been phenomenal. In less than a year, we’ve been to Malta and Dubai and we’re now here, in Toronto.

Our Dubai roadshow was phenomenal. Partly because of the relevant content that our speakers brought to life but also because of a successful networking dinner that we hosted supported by a number of Health Tech companies.

Toronto was our next natural choice. With its beautiful skyline, vibrant nightlife and inclusive food and culture, it’s worth a visit. This aside, Canada has been emerging as a leader in digital health with a focus not only on the implementation of digital in the healthcare system but also on enabling graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and early career researchers to accelerate the delivery of health tech solutions and be at the forefront of innovation. Also touted as the new Silicon Valley, it only makes sense for us to be here.

Med-Tech World: All roads lead to Malta

All of this leads us to our flagship in Malta. We already know it is going to be bigger than last year. But why? We’re going to keep one thing constant from last year, premium speakers talking about relevant subjects which leads to unique and carefully crafted content. Networking is going to take center stage, as we know the value of this. By this, we mean that we’re going to up the game in the med-tech conference industry. We have concocted unique ways of making networking easier, more fun and less daunting.

We’re excited to host you and can’t wait to meet you in November, in the lovely, warm country of Malta.

About Med-Tech World:

It is now estimated that the global digital health market will increase to around $640 billion by 2026. Through our expertise coupled with optimized networking, we will ensure that both investors and startups are on the ground floor of this health revolution. The event which is organized and curated alongside a team of doctors, attracts legislators and policymakers, medical professionals, and investors from across the world, addresses the opportunities and challenges driving this million-dollar forum.