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24th January 2024

Pioneering medical innovator Acorai secures $4.5M in a heartbeat

Acorai, an emerging medical innovator device rooted in Sweden and a standout participant in the Med-Tech World Malta 2023 Pitch, has successfully wrapped up a series seed equity round that echoes with success. In a flash, Acorai secured $4.5 million, advancing its clinical studies after a €2.3 million grant and €10 million commitment from the European Innovation Council. 

Supporting this cardiovascular endeavour is Solardis Health Ventures, alongside KHP Ventures and Carma Fund, with notable support from U.S. investors and steadfast backers in Sweden and the EU.

Acorai’s global impact in cardiovascular innovation

Filip-Peters-ACORAI-768x414After gaining Breakthrough Device status from the US FDA in August 2023, Acorai launched its global CAPTURE-HF study. Targeting clinical readiness, the study aims to highlight the device’s performance through a 1200-patient catheterization study, slated for completion in 2024.

Dr. Andrew J Sauer, Chief Clinical Advisor to Acorai, stated: “Raising capital in this environment is tougher than it was even 18 months ago, so it’s a huge achievement of the management team and an example of how truly scalable this platform could be in the right hands … congrats”

He further expressed that with CAPTURE-HF, the team has prioritised scientific excellence to maximise the device’s potential upon market entry. The recent funding serves as strong validation, positioning Acorai uniquely to revolutionise the management of heart failure patients in both traditional and acute care settings. 

Dr. Sauer highlighted Acorai as the sole company recognizing and effectively addressing the evident unmet needs within the acute heart failure workflow.

After reaching out, lead Filip Peters told Med-Tech World: “It’s been an incredible journey to bring this product from an idea stage to clinical testing, with over 1000 patients enrolled in our clinical studies to date, in just over 4 years. Acorai has the potential to enable a paradigm shift in the way that heart failure patients are managed today, and through the support of our partners we aim to reach the market by 2025.”

At the heart of Acorai


Acorai pioneers a non-invasive intracardiac pressure monitoring device, set to revolutionise heart failure care for over 64 million patients globally. Recognized as a breakthrough device by the FDA in 2023, Acorai’s Monitoring system employs the patented SAVE Sensor System—a unique blend of non-invasive hardware and machine learning.

Led by Filip Peters, Jakob Gelberg, Kasper Bourdette, and Matthew Mace, the team targets the completion of their study in 2024, aiming for US market access by 2025 through proactive engagement with regulators. Current efforts center on clinical testing, preparing for a substantial capital raise preceding the commercial launch in 2025.

Supported by Solardis Health Ventures, KHP Ventures, GA Investors, and Life Science Invest, Acorai boasts a seasoned team and clinical partnerships with leading hospitals worldwide.

Compete for the spotlight with the very best at the Med-Tech World Pitch

Last year, Filip Peters joined innovators at Med-Tech World Malta ’23 in elevating the pitching stage with the decade’s brightest and most innovative minds. 

The hotly anticipated Med-Tech World Summit revived the sought-after start-up pitch competition at Malta’s Mediterranean Conference Centre. The event showcased industry-leading innovations and insightful keynotes, culminating in the prestigious contest on October 20, 2023.

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This respected platform invites startups in cutting-edge medical tech to showcase their offerings to a panel of industry experts. 

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