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22nd August 2022

Metaverse to creative positive boost for life sciences, Accenture says

Life sciences executives expect the metaverse to have a positive impact on their organisations,  a report from consultancy firm Accenture finds.

The company’s Life Sciences Technology Vision 2022 report looks at how technology trends will help the industry to tackle manufacturing and device problems. It also examines how the technology will be used to build more resilient supply chains and to provide patients and healthcare professionals with personalized experiences.

Accenture surveyed 100 biopharma and 100 MedTech executives. The report found that 91 percent of medical technology executives and 85 percent of biopharma executives believe the metaverse will have a positive impact. Nearly half of the biopharma executives saw the metaverse as being transformational.

Petra Jantzer, global industry life sciences lead at Accenture, said, “We are in the early days of the metaverse, and the technology innovations we implement today — the solutions, products and services companies offer, how they develop and distribute them and how they fundamentally operate their organizations — are the building blocks of the future for life sciences.”

“Industry leaders are pioneering a new digital future for how people and enterprises interact, and many of the rules remain undefined. It is critical that life sciences companies take steps to proactively and responsibly shape the metaverse continuum.”

The report found that the metaverse will affect the medicines and services that biopharma companies offer and how they are distributed.
For patients, the lines between virtual and real-world experiences will become increasingly blurred in the metaverse, it said.
In the medtech world, the metaverse is seen as having the potential to create a humanized digital ecosystem.

“The metaverse should be viewed as a new interaction platform with as-yet uncharted possibilities that extend opportunities for creativity, innovation and commercial value,” it said.

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