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One Drop secures CE mark for AI-backed glucose prediction tool

One Drop’s AI-backed blood glucose forecasting tool securing a CE mark is a pivotal regulatory milestone

One Drop has received the CE mark for its blood glucose prediction analysis engine which employs artificial intelligence (AI) to forecast glucose levels accurately. The tool is targeted at people living with prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes.
It is through the One Drop app that customers can access real-time glucose forecasts. Currently, the platform has garnered a total 72.5 million members in 195 countries.
The New York-based company founded in 2015 not only provides glucose predictions but also real-time suggestions of diet, exercise and behavioural adjustments to reach optimal blood sugar levels.
The engine works by leveraging nearly 25 billion longitudinal health data points for the company’s algorithms including blood pressure, food, medications,  physical activity, glucose, and weight. The app is compatible with medical devices such as the One Drop meter, Apple Watch, Googlefit, Fitbit, and Companion Medical Inc.
One Drop’s platform has been backed by a number of peer-reviewed studies. For instance, IDS claims that 94% of people who followed the apps glucose forecasts and insights said the information helped them manage their disease.
Dan Goldner, senior vice president of data science at One Drop, shared in a statement:

For any AI solution to be successful, it requires a vast amount of data,
Obtaining the CE mark for One Drop’s glucose forecasts is a critical quality, safety and regulatory milestone in making AI-powered, prospective self-care the first choice for addressing precision health in chronic conditions.

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