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21st February 2024

One million benefit from ClinicY’s patient-centric digital health solutions

Clinicy, a healthtech startup based in Saudi Arabia, has successfully secured a substantial seven-figure investment in its Series A funding round.  Having already served one million patients and counting, Clinicy’s innovative solutions are poised to further revolutionise healthcare delivery in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Led by Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP), a prominent venture capital firm based in the UAE specialising in early and growth-stage tech startups, the exact amount remains undisclosed.

Clinicy is revolutionising patient experience

Clinicy’s recent Series A funding round signifies a significant milestone in the journey toward enhancing healthcare accessibility and efficiency. Alongside Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP), Gate Capital, Kafou Group, and Fadeed Investment also participated, reflecting a shared vision of transforming patient care through technology.

Prince Mohammed, in conversation with Entrepreneur Middle East, shed light on the challenges plaguing the Saudi healthcare sector, notably high no-show rates costing the industry billions annually. 

 “Primarily the reasons for this include patients forgetting they have an appointment, patients not being able to reach their healthcare provider to update their appointment or details, inefficient management systems to deal with customers, and low technological adoption and integration.”

With Clinicy’s support, over one million patients in the Kingdom have already experienced remarkable improvements, including up to 75% reductions in missed appointments.

Towards Accessibility And Convenience In Digital Health

Clinicy’s platform not only addresses appointment management but also integrates clinics with regulatory bodies and the broader healthcare ecosystem. By fostering a digitally agile medical industry, Clinicy aims to enable effective communication between doctors and patients.

“With the launch of a new patient-facing mobile application, patients can easily manage their appointments, update their medical details, and see their medical records. By bringing all this information into digitally secure, accessible, and cloud-based records, medical institutions and patients alike have all the information they need at their fingertips.” 

Prince Mohammed underscored how digital solutions like Clinicy provide heightened accessibility and convenience for patients while enabling healthcare providers to prioritise patient care over administrative tasks.

Armed with new capital, the Clinicy team is poised to realise their vision for the future. “Firstly, we are going to scale up our operations across the Kingdom including investment in technology and talent,” Prince Mohammed stated. “Secondly, we are optimising and launching a complete one-stop shop solution for medical institutions and providers, to enhance administrative efficiency and outcomes. And, we will be increasing our offering directly to consumers (patients), with accessible, digital healthcare solutions.”

Clinicy’s efforts to revolutionise the healthcare sector have garnered attention from regional investors.  Walid Mansour, Co-Chief Executive at MEVP highlighted Saudi Arabia’s swift embrace of technology in healthcare, fueled by a digitally-savvy population, advancing governmental standards, and escalating competition among healthcare providers.

Driven By A Convergence Of Values

Founded by Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Abdullah Al Faisal, Abdullah bin Sulaiman Alobaid, and Saud bin Sulaiman Alobaid, Clinicy is driven by its steadfast commitment to addressing administrative inefficiencies prevalent within the healthcare sector. Clinicy strives to realise this vision by customising patient experience platforms through the automation of pivotal processes like patient onboarding and retention.

The keys to Clinicy’s ongoing triumphs and the Kingdom’s vote of confidence in the software can be distilled into the startup’s focus on four core values: improving patient experience, addressing healthcare challenges, creating a coherent ecosystem, and expansion for growth. 

Guided by these values, Clinicy serves as a beacon for digital health startups aiming to prioritise patient needs and instigate meaningful enhancements in healthcare delivery.

There is more to patient-centricity in digital health

Are we being patient-centric enough in Digital Health? is the go-to panel discussing the core issues surrounding patient-centricity in the MedTech industry. A feature panel during the Med-Tech World Malta 2023 conference, it was held at the renowned Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta last October.

Guided by the skilled moderation of Hassan Chaudhury, Commercial Director at DATA-CAN, the panel included four other esteemed experts, each offering insights drawn from years of expertise in their respective fields.

  • Kaisa Kauppinen – Design Lead at Tietoevry
  • Remko Schats – Founder of Σnigma Global eHealth platform
  • Patricia Ripoll – Founder and President of Visible
  • Marja Huiskamp – Chief Communication Officer at Barcelona Health Hub

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