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London, 22nd of May 2023

The Med-Tech World Summit, Youtube Health, and StartUp Health have joined forces to organise a roadshow event in London that promises to be a networking evening like no other. The event will provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts to come together and discuss the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in the med-tech and digital health sectors.

Since 2011 StartUp Health has been building the world’s largest health innovation ecosystem “dedicated to achieving health moonshots.” They’ve supported more than 460 health startups from 29 countries through a combination of coaching, community and media with the goal of tackling the great health challenges of our time. StartUp Health supports a large and growing cohort of founders in the UK across a range of verticals and has identified London as the fastest-growing health innovation hub outside the United States.  Moreover, YouTube Health has recently launched their health shelves in partnership with the NHS, which help navigate viewers to high quality health information from authoritative sources, making them worthy partners of our show! 

London is an ideal location for this event, as the city is rapidly establishing itself as a hub for digital health and med-tech. With a thriving start-up scene and a host of world-class research institutions and hospitals, London offers a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors in these sectors. Furthermore, the UK’s strong regulatory framework and access to talent make it an attractive destination for companies looking to establish a presence in Europe.

Overall, the Med-Tech World Summit, Youtube Health, and StartUp Health networking evening promises to be a valuable event for anyone interested in the med-tech and digital health sectors. It will provide an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, learn about the latest trends and innovations, and explore opportunities for collaboration and investment in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries.

Wednesday 8th June 2022 (AIBC Stage)


MedTech Toronto

The Top 10 Health Technology Trends to Watch in 2022
Artificial Intelligence and Augmentation of Surgical Performance.
Climate Smart Anesthesia

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  • 3x2m booth - custom built, ready made by Med-Tech
  • 5 Standard Passes for Med-Tech
  • 1 Premium Pass for Med-Tech
  • 1 Pass for the closing night
Design of wall to be submitted by exhibitor. Printing of wall, carpeting, Wi-Fi and power supply of 13 AMP, table, stools and counter included in price.


  • 5x3m space - 15 m² space in high traffic area
  • 15 Standard Passes for Med-Tech
  • 1 Premium Pass for Med-Tech
  • 3 Passes for Med-Tech Closing Night
Med-Tech covers the costs of Wi-Fi and power supply of 16 AMP. This package calls for a creative booth at the exhibitor’s expense. Wired internet is also recommended against a charge.


  • 5x5m space - 25 m²
  • 30 Standard Passes for Med-Tech + 3 Premium Passes for Med-Tech
  • 4 Passes for the closing night
  • 1 Press release in the Block Magazine


  • 6x5m - 30 m² space in high traffic area
  • 50-word company profile in The Block Magazine
  • 2 Full page adverts or articles in The Block Magazine
  • 40 standard passes for Med-Tech
  • 4 premium passes for Med-Tech
  • 4 passes for the closing night
Med-Tech covers the costs of Wi-Fi and power supply of 13 AMP. This package calls for a creative booth at the exhibitor’s expense. Wired internet is also recommended against a charge.


  • Large 6x8m space in a premium location
  • 50-word company profile in The Block Magazine
  • 2 Full page adverts or articles in The Block Magazine
  • 45 Standard Passes for Med-Tech
  • 4 Premium Passes for Med-Tech
  • 5 Passes for the closing night
Med-Tech covers the costs of Wi-Fi and power supply of 13 AMP. This package calls for a creative booth at the exhibitor’s expense. Wired internet is also recommended against a charge.


Monday 22nd May 2023 (Google CSG, London)


Med-Tech World Summit's London Roadshow.

Registration & Welcome Reception
Welcoming Comments by Dr. Dylan Attard

DR Dylan Attard

Med-Tech Conference CEO & Co-chair
Google & YouTube Health. What have they been up to?

Vishaal Varani

Head of UK Health at YouTube
StartUp Health & their work in the UK!

StartUp Health's Logan Plaster will share the latest about Health Transformer University, the company's newly-updated educational platform. He'll also cover top trends and strategies in health tech through a series of on-stage interviews with leading founders in the market. 

Logan Plaster

Chief Content Officer at StartUp Health
Networking Reception



Co-Founder and CDO of neuro42, Inc


Global Health and Insurance Expert; UN and WEF Advisor


Co-founder & MD, Wellx


Celebrity Fitness Trainer & Health Coach


Founder at I-EXPAND


Founder & CEO at Stasis


Founder at Human Centric Healthcare Ecosystem (HCHE)


Task Hunter & CXO at High Tech Productions BV


CEO & Co-founder at Crotalus Labs


Editor-in-Chief at Medgate Today


Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Crypterns, Executive Vice President for MonteCrypto, and Director of Marketing for Life’s Tough Media.


Associate Professor, University of Malta and Chief Scientist for Spaceomix


CEO & Co-Founder at Cheesecake Technologies LLC


CEO at Malta Digital Innovation Authority


PhD student in Health Information Management at Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


CEO and Co-Founder of ARIA Health


Advisory Board at DeHealth & Med-Tech World Summit


CEO, Nabta Health


Director of Center of Cyber Security, New York University Abu Dhabi


Leader in technological innovations and blockchain


CEO Pantaflow Digital Business GmbH


NFT Entrepreneur. NFT Club.


Founding Partner at Gil Solomon & Co



Meet the investors

2022 start-up profile


With the aid of emotion detection technology, we are creating an app that enables users to receive real-time therapy. There are two sets of users: a. Venter b. Listener Venters can use a chat feature to send voice messages to listeners. The voice notes are labeled according to the emotional levels of their voice, i.e. sad, afraid, happy etc. We believe this is important because we often misunderstand others and fail to say the right words. With the correctly detected emotion, the helpline service becomes more efficient. The venter has the option to stay anonymous. The listeners are selected based on an automated emotional intelligence assessment. The test will use the ''Befriending Model'' which has been proven to be scientific and successful to tackle depression. The listeners will guide the venters with intensive training. The various mental health exercises are based on the venter’s mental state after consulting with reputed psychologists and psychiatrists.


Breathment offers the first ever digital rehabilitation for patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases to close the care gap after hospital discharge by combining the AI-based therapy app "Breathment" with telecalls to reduce the medical and financial burden of chronic respiratory diseases for insurance companies. Breathment therapy app combines different functionalities for health professionals and patients such as patient onboarding & management, individual exercise programming and data-driven performance and wellbeing tracking. At the same time, patients get access to a mobile and web-app to track exercise plans, create daily to-do's and fill surveys. Using artificial intelligence, Breathment guides the patients during their physical and breathing exercises while monitoring them through the camera of their electronic device and providing feedback in real time whether they are performing the exercise correctly or not.

Ciba Health

Ciba Health is a personalized digital therapeutics and virtual care platform. We utilize a holistic root-cause approach to treat and reverse chronic conditions while optimizing the physical and mental wellbeing of our patients.

CureCurve Medical AI

Driven by the vision to detect chronic diseases at an early stage and reduce serious illness, CureCurve offers people with chronic heart disease an instant, free and reliable heart health check via smartwatch, as well as long-term personalised digital therapy. By using AI, we are able to detect asymptomatic cases at an early stage and understand correlations in such trajectories through pattern recognition so enabling us to intervene in emergencies.

Fundacion Invisible

What does a Foundation that works for and with patients do? A foundation that is born from patients to make the patient visible, make their function and participation visible. Collaborate on projects and create projects based on them. The patient from start to finish. From research, innovation, to implementation. From studies initiated by patients, making easy-to-use platforms such as Uhda available to teams, researchers. Going through the process of co-creating solutions, working on the Journey Map of the patient, the professional, the center... And taking it to the field in an accessible way through personalized videos. Turning data into health communication with technology. Demonstrating the relevance of the data and the relevance of the patient.It is about approaching the detected needs, measuring and using them. The process finish with the real impact on the patient, through SROI tools.

Hear Glue Ear

Hear Glue Ear is tech and an app which aims for children with the most common type of hearing loss across the world to access hearing and reach their full potential.


IppocraTech is an Italian startup that has developed an AI technology to measure simultaneously the five vital signs that the World Health Organization has defined as necessary to assess a person's health status.

Miracle srl

Miracle srl is an IT innovative start-up company that integrates intelligent components to monitor health status and measure vital parameters through Artificial Intelligence techniques. The tools such as the electrocardiogram, that monitor the vital parameters and the health status of an individual, are invasive, require qualified personnel and don’t allow daily monitoring of health status. Consequently, it is necessary to develop novel tools that alleviate the aforementioned issues by simplifying monitoring, avoiding "unnecessary" visits and promoting a culture of prevention. The objective of the proposed solution is to detect the non-contact vital parameters of an individual, such as heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen saturation. In detail, we propose a cloud-based service that relies on remote photoplethysmography techniques to detect physiological parameters without the use of contact sensors. Moreover, through the contributions of the intelligent system, the proposed solution returns an index concerning the individual's degree of cardiovascular risk.

Move and Enjoy

We develop software for human computer interaction. We make people move and enjoy it.


We provide a modern web application that makes the life of every ward physician easier. With our solution, physicians can document all clinically relevant information in simple steps. Rounds lists are created from this data, allowing physicians to quickly see patients and easily plan their day. At discharge, our AI creates a grammatically complete physician letter based on the most important points. All in all, in our alpha version, we save physicians over 50% of the time they used to spend on documentation, and no more overtime has to be worked, which is good for the work-life balance.


“ We're NuraLogix ™, an award-winning Affective-AI company and the creators of Anura™, the world’s first contactless wellness and vital sign monitoring solution. Our technology provides instant vital sign measurements and health risk assessments using data gathered from a simple 30-second video selfie. Through years of research and development, we have reached medical grade accuracy and are backed by peer review publications and many global clinical collaborations.

Plex Medical


We are IT company which provide IT services to our clients all over the world. Our expertise from developing products for our customers we implemented in our idea to build our product Hipokratija. Hipokratija is a review healthcare platform with large database of healthcare institutions and reviews (categorized by specializations) where you can find relevant information for your health problem and recommendation for healthcare institution and doctor. The main challenge which we are aiming to solve is centralization of transparent and relevant information about healthcare problems, institutions and doctors into a large database platform where you can find a free and easy result for your health problem. Platform will be free for users but healthcare institutions will pay monthly subscription. For healthcare institution, Hipokratija will be a marketing and sales channel to large base of users.

SimCPR Medical

We developed the first wristband with CPR-feedback to optimize chest compression treatment for a cardiac arrest. Our SimCPR® Pro is a medical device (EU-MDR) and also has a low cost trainer/simulator with free training-app. In this way every low-cost CPR-manikin is turned into a. more advanced CPR-training solution.


Simpleprax digitizes paper processes in medical facilities. This includes medical history forms, administrative documents, surgery documentation, consent forms, protocols, and payment and billing transactions. Patient forms can be filled out and signed before the appointment in a GDPR-compliant, legally secure and audit-proof manner via the Simpleprax web platform. Patient data is collected in a structured form, making it analyzable and usable for the medical facility. On top of that, time is saved in every-day processes.


Our mission is to build an odor communication ecosystem that is useful and available to people worldwide. To achieve this mission, the company is taking a full-stack approach by building hardware, software, and pursuing state-of-art research with selected partners on Deep-tech, Omics, and HCI.

Umana Medical



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