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13th February 2020

Personalised cannabis consultation care now available online

Veriheal introduced a new personalised cannabis consultation service that addresses the discrepancy between uninformed physicians and their patients

For those who are keen on getting their medical cannabis cards, the process can be somewhat intimidating, especially if they are unaware of the nuances. While each state program might slightly differ, the steps to getting a medical cannabis card are fairly straightforward across the board. In states with an active medical cannabis program, it is required that prospective patients become ‘certified’ before sending their application and information to the designated governing body. While this infrastructure appears to be sound and stable, it does pose some potential problems down the road for the patient.
Since cannabis is largely understudied and not completely backed by authoritative research, the standard healthcare professional is not likely to be well-informed about it as a whole. While doctors can ‘recommend’ or ‘approve’ of cannabinoid therapy, their expertise usually ends there and renders them unable to offer any further guidance. This leaves patients to fend for themselves in an uncharted and confusing market where the law is not clearly laid out in black or white. It can be scary for some and even be off-putting which will ultimately turn people away from potential options that could have been legitimately beneficial.
Since companies in the cannabis sector are not allowed to make any medical claims, they resort to submitting disclaimers to avoid any legal ramifications. Product and website disclaimers will tell people to seek the advice of a medical professional before using cannabis products. But when most physicians have little to no advice to give, therein lies a big problem. This is where Veriheal steps in as a guiding beacon of light.

Bonafide experts are the ones that are looked up to for advice. Nutritionists, dieticians, fitness experts and the like all have specialised knowledge that lets them be able to formulate wellness plans that fit their client’s interests. The cannabis industry is in a critical need for such experts who are willing to educate the general public and provide patients with some clarity on what products to use or, how to use them, and where to access them.
Veriheal is renowned for its swift and effortless medical cannabis card consults. But recently, the company introduced a new personalised cannabis consultation service that addresses the discrepancy between uninformed physicians and their patients. The greatest thing about this new service is that it is available for everyone across all 50 states. The experts conducting these consultations are a team of qualified medical professionals who are well versed in scholarly cannabis research and can thoroughly educate anyone that is interested in turning to medical cannabis therapy. This information is available for everyone, even those who reside in prohibition states.
These discreet personalised cannabis consults are geared toward anybody who is interested in pursuing alternative cannabis medicine, one does not need to already be an active patient in their state program. These assessments are simply a one-on-one discussion with a specialist who can further target and refine their recommendations based on a patient’s individual interests. After their appointment, patients will receive an in-depth suggested strategy covering information such as cannabinoid and terpene profiles to target, individual state laws, and guidance on due-diligence. Everything is individually tailored to accommodate the patient’s needs and desires. Should those needs change, patients can certainly book another follow-up to speak with the experts further. Veriheal’s main goal is for everyone to leave their appointment with confidence and reassurance. They will be able to go on and properly navigate the cannabis market on their own accord or move forward and apply for their medical cannabis card should they decide to do so.
In order to successfully implement cannabis reform, it is necessary to educate where possible. Veriheal is at the forefront of the movement, and eager to improve the public’s perception of cannabis and offer encouragement for those who might be hesitant to come forward to discover cannabis. By offering easy avenues for patients to get their medical cards and informational treatment consults that are specially built for the individual, they make a point to put the patient’s needs first. They believe patients have the right to take charge of their healing. By giving the power to the patients, the stigma will one day be broken.
About Medical Cannabiz World:
In November 2019, Medical Cannabiz World opened its doors to the medicinal cannabis industry, supported by the Maltese government’s commitment to legislation for this high growth sector.  Medical Cannabiz World summit 2020 will focus on the Malta medical cannabis industry as well as global opportunities in the sector, attracting investors, medical researchers, policy makers and entrepreneurs looking to forge exciting new opportunities.