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Robotic surgical platform provider Asensus Surgical receives FDA approval

Medical device company Asensus Surgical, pioneering Performance-Guided Surgery, receives FDA approval

Asensus Surgical, the company behind the technology platform Senhance Surgical System, have received approval from the FDA, hinting at potential expansion into general surgery.
The platform uses machine learning in bid to improve patient outcomes, furnishing surgeons with, including but not limited to, haptic feedback and 3D visualisation.
Senhance Surgical System is also the first platform of its kind to provide 3mm instruments. The instruments are intended to be used by trained physicians in laparoscopic surgical procedures and laparoscopic gynaecological surgery.
The company’s president and CEO, Anthony Fernando, wrote in a press release:

The expansion into general surgery for the Senhance Surgical System is a major milestone for the growth and clinical applicability of our technology. General surgery is, by far, the largest area of manual laparoscopy which can benefit from the precision and insight of Performance-Guided Surgery. The indication expansion allows Senhance to be used in many high-value, complex reconstructive surgeries such as those used to treat reflux and obesity. Including previous indications granted, the Senhance Surgical System can now be utilised in over 2.7 million general surgical procedures performed in the US annually.

Dr. Sabino Zani, assistant professor of surgery at Duke University and investigator in the clinical studies for expansion case, added:

Many of the procedures we perform in general surgery require complex reconstruction throughout a wide surgical field. Senhance can now be seen as a widely applicable tool for general surgeons across the broad range of procedures that may be performed from deep in the pelvis to the upper abdomen.

Source: Med-Tech Innovation News