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6th July 2022

Sonrai Analytics partners with IV BioHoldings to accelerate early detection of diseases with poor clinical outcomes

Streamlining the ability to identify, validate and productize novel biomarkers for early diagnosis and treatment of patients

Over the last 50 years, many biomarkers have been identified. Biomarkers, by definition, are objective medical signs used to measure the presence or progress of disease or the effects of treatment. They are essential to identify the mechanisms underlying diseases and for the development of potential new therapeutic key targets. In some diseases with numerous clinical guidelines indicating diagnosis, prevention and treatment, biomarkers suggest the pathophysiological stages of the disease. Biomarkers are powerful tools to classify patients according to their risk of progression, to identify the severity of the disease and consequently guide therapy. Biomarkers can also be used as indicators of the efficacy and safety of new pharmacological treatments or therapeutic interventions in clinical trials. The FDA has recently listed over 40 biomarkers that may be used as outcomes for FDA-approved therapeutics.

For decades, several biomarkers have been documented and used in clinical practice. Interestingly, they are predictive tools that often reveal a biological situation before any observable sign or symptom appears. For example, the blood concentration of LDL cholesterol is an indicator of cardiovascular disease and blood creatinine level is an indicator of kidney function. Also, glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) test and fasting blood sucrose concentration are predictive biomarkers to identify pre-diabetes before a patient develops diabetes mellitus type 2. These measurements make it possible to implement measures to delay or prevent the development of the disease. Similarly, several tests are used to identify early signs or high risk of cancer and heart disease, and to select the best appropriate treatment for each patient. No doubt, being able to detect diseases early is very key to disease prevention and management.

Sonrai Analytics partners With IV BioHoldings

Sonrai Analytics and IV BioHoldings (IVBH) have announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the early detection of diseases with poor clinical outcomes. The partnership aims to bring Sonrai’s cloud AI technology used for discovering, developing and validating high-value biomarkers to IVBH’s commercial portfolio: LiquidLung, HepGene and Mammogen. Sonrai Analytics is a Belfast-based innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) data discovery while IVBH is a precision health company in liquid biopsy based in California.

Their collaboration will streamline the ability to identify, validate and productize novel biomarkers for the early detection and useful treatment of patients with progressive disease. It also entails Sonrai’s development of novel algorithms applied to specific disease areas to consolidate and validate signatures supporting IVBH’s expertise and clinical pipeline. The collaboration will empower the creation of eight best-in-class diagnostics for patients.

IVBH is a clinical-stage bio-platform company whose goal is to radically transform the diagnostic sector. It conceives, creates, and scales first-generation precision health solutions that ameliorate the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. The company has made notable strides across multiple diseases and cancer areas and has chosen to partner with Sonrai to help drive its ambitious clinical pipelines. In a matter of months, it aims to have the first clinical readout for the genTRU breast cancer detection program which will closely be followed by the lung cancer and NAFLD programs. There are plans to reach a commercial launch phase for all three programs by the end of 2023 and an eye toward future expansion across the IVBH offering.

While talking about the partnership, Sonrai’s founder and CEO, Dr Darragh McArt expressed that Sonrai’s and IVBH’s goals are aligned. They both aim toward driving discovery and transforming healthcare, aligning perfectly with the intentional design of Sonrai’s decentralized and highly flexible AI platform.

The partnership opens massive clinical and commercial value across the IVBH platform as Sonrai’s engine helps them to unlock early disease detection across three of the largest clinical markets. IVBH, being a data-driven, technology-led organization, is making the most of its utilization of advanced analytical science and exponential technologies such as the ones developed by Sonrai’s world-class team of data scientists and engineers.

Sonrai, aiming to accelerate the adoption of its technology, had raised £2.175 million in Seed Plus finding before the partnership was announced.

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