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FemTech is a fast-growing industry revolutionising women’s health and well-being with cutting-edge technologies. With a market value projected to reach $50 billion by 2025, its impact on healthcare is significant, benefiting half of the world’s population. With this in mind, what are the latest trends and news in FemTech? 

Read on to find out!

Towards FemTech advancement

MedTech World is dedicated to supporting startups globally and keeping our readers updated on MedTech news and innovations. We just as committed to advancing women’s health. Through our events with expert panels, we create spaces for professionals to share insights and drive innovation in women’s healthcare.

For instance, last October, our panel, titled Women in Healthcare – Leading the FemTech Revolution‘ was a highlight of the MedTech Malta Summit. (Catch that panel discussion here!).

So keep reading to discover the latest trends and news in FemTech!

Spain is a treasure trove for FemTech innovation

Those following us are aware that MedTech World and the Barcelona Health Hub recently joined forces to host the annual Health Revolution Congress. This gathering brought together health experts, patient care leaders, and industry colleagues to explore the intersection of MedTech with healthcare, life balance, and social responsibility.

FemTech is calling on medical device companies, bio-pharmaceuticals, and clinical diagnostics labs to seize this transformative opportunity. The conference spotlighted health innovators specialising in FemTech, reflecting the growing interest in this sector within Spain’s healthcare system.

Georgina Kyriakoudes, CEO and Founder of Aria Health, on stage at the MedTech Malta 2023

FemTech Insider’s Founder and CEO, Kathrin Folkendt, delivered a keynote emphasising the vast potential in addressing women’s health needs. She discussed how investing in innovative solutions and research can improve health outcomes for women while also unlocking substantial economic opportunities.

“What definitely stood out for me during the conference is that Barcelona has an exceptionally vibrant healthcare innovation ecosystem, with bold ideas and impactful entrepreneurial talent,”

described Folkendt on FemTech Insider.

“A few startups especially caught my eye as I was learning more about women’s health innovation in Spain.”

One key takeaway is the transformative role of FemTech in healthcare, empowering women to prioritise their health. Fueled by rising awareness and the need for personalised solutions, the industry is reshaping traditional healthcare practices to better meet women’s diverse needs.

Innovation and Approvals

Dr. Quy Vo-Reinhard, Digital Healthcare Expert, on Panel Discussion at the MedTech Malta 2023

Seed Health

On Tuesday, Seed Health, a microbiome science company, introduced VS-01™ Vaginal Synbiotic, the first of its kind clinically proven to establish a healthy vaginal microbiome dominated by Lactobacillus crispatus. 

Dr. Jacques Ravel’s research underscores the vital role of the vaginal microbiome in women’s health, affected by factors like stress, sex, and diet. This launch expands Seed’s innovative microbiome product line beyond gut health.

“This launch represents the very essence of why we founded Seed: to translate pioneering microbiome discoveries into life-changing health innovations,” shared Ara Katz, Seed Health co-founder and co-CEO. “As a woman and a mother, it is especially meaningful to accelerate advancements in an area that has been so deprioritized and systemically overlooked.

Self-collection solutions: BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) and Roche

Both BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) and Roche have received FDA approvals for their self-collection solutions for HPV testing, marking a significant advancement in women’s health. 

BD’s approval allows women to collect vaginal specimens for HPV testing when cervical specimens are unavailable. This approval enhances BD’s Onclarity HPV Assay, streamlining testing accessibility for women.

“Many patients are uncomfortable with the intimate nature of a pelvic exam,” stated Dr. Jeff Andrews, Vice President of Global Medical Affairs for Diagnostic Solutions at BD. “The option to self-collect in a clinical setting can help women overcome some of these barriers.”

Annually, over 13,000 patients in the US are diagnosed with cervical cancer, with around 4,000 succumbing to the disease, primarily caused by HPV infection. With the US FDA’s approval of Roche’s HPV self-testing kit, screening options are broadened, a vital step towards eradicating cervical cancer.


Nanopath, a point-of-care diagnostics firm, secured $4 million in federal grants from NIH and NSF to bolster the development of its diagnostic platform, focusing on pelvic and gynecologic infections. 

These competitive SBIR grants, totaling $15 million in funding, accelerate Nanopath’s mission to offer swift and precise molecular diagnostic insights at the point of care.

On a similar note, CARÁ Health, an Estonian startup dedicated to women’s health and wellness during pregnancy, secured €620,000 in early seed funding. This investment will fuel the expansion of its technology and services, including its popular app and physical locations, into Germany. 

With half of Estonia’s pregnant women already using its app for evidence-based information and support, CARÁ Health aims to extend its reach and impact across borders.

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