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5th November 2019

Successful cannabis summit sets the tone for Malta Week

The Medical Cannabiz Summit will be followed by the AIBC Summit

The first Malta Medical Cannabiz Summit has shut its doors after the successful two-day event drew 1500 delegates from across the globe, bringing investors, campaigners, medical professionals and businesses together for a memorable conference on the medical cannabis industry.
An array of well-attended conferences and workshops set the tone for future events, with a line up of well known faces in the cannabis sphere contributing to a quality debate on everything from tax and investment to the regulatory and legislative challenges facing the industry.
We take a look back at some of the best stand out moments of the conference:

Dr. Alex Cahana – Head of Healthcare Advisory for Genesis block

“Investing is like being vegan, some people are vegan because they think it’s healthy, others are vegan because they don’t like how animals are treated and others are vegan simply because they want to annoy everybody else. Different people go into investments for different reasons.”

Felix Mago – Co founder at Dash Next

“We’re living in digital times and creating digital economies, so whatever kind of business you have, you have to design it around the tech and create a business model that leverages technology to your benefit.”

Prof. Mike Barnes – Chief Medical Officer Lyph Group

“We need education, we need accessibility of the evidence out there, we need better guidelines and we need fewer restrictions on doctors.”

Hannah Deacon – Executive Director for the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society

“Families are being blocked on the NHS from accessing medical cannabis because there’s so much fear, guidelines are horrendous and people who have no idea what they’re talking about are advising doctors not to prescribe.”

Miriam Dalli – MEP for Malta

“As things stand today we have a patchwork of legislation within the European Union and it causes confusion, both with practitioners and patients themselves – discrepancies mean that patients in the EU do not enjoy the same access to medical cannabis when comparing their home country to other EU member states.”
With Malta Week still going strong, the third edition of AIBC Summit launches Thursday with a lavish awards ceremony in the evening following a busy day of conferences, workshops and an expo floor packed to the rafters. A highly-anticipated closing night featuring a performance by Akon will close the week – follow the agenda here.