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7th October 2020

UK use of healthcare apps surge during Covid-19

Survey says more than half the British population would rather use health-apps than go to hospital

Digital health start-up Quin conducted a survey that found that usage of health apps in the UK has increased by 37% since the COVID-19 pandemic started, and that around 55% of the population would trust an app-provided diagnosis.
This would be of great significance most especially at the moment considering that according to the Times’ recent report stated that there is an NHS waiting list of 15 million patients who need to follow-up appointments for their conditions. This huge waiting list is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it in itself can easily become a crisis of its own since there are a lot of people who need urgent help and it is certain that remote tools, such as health apps, could be key in addressing the issue.
Quin CEO, Cyndi Williams said that clearly there is a need to put more focus and investments in making better suited healthtech apps that people need to help them managing their own lifestyles and health conditions independently.

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