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6th March 2022

US hospitals struggle with Delta patients

Especially the southern states are facing an influx of Delta patients, causing non-urgent treatments to be postponed

The latest Covid spike in the US caused a massive setback for hospital volume and margins, that had been recovering earlier this year. Various services, especially those of non-urgent nature, are being postponed, seeing several revenue cuts in affected sectors. Overall, revenues rose in year-on-year comparison to 2019 and 2020 a fifth month in a row, however the trend is stagnating due to rising expenses.
Hospitals are struggling with shortages of beds and staff as well, especially in the south. Patients would spend the most consecutive days in stationary treatment in the region. Year-on-year margin drops were highest in southern states as well.
In the entire country, ER visits rose 4.9% month-on-month, while operating room minutes feel by 5.9%. Outpatient revenue slightly fell by 2%. Experts project the current trends to exacerbate, as spread of the Delta variant is not likely to diminish quickly.

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