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1st December 2023

VESTECK, Inc. announce the successful completion of two additional clinical cases

Addressing a substantial global unmet need in endovascular aortic disease repair (EVAR/TEVAR), VESTECK, Inc. is delighted to announce the successful completion of two additional clinical cases, marking a significant stride in the field. The ‘SUTURE-TIGHT’ tm device has empowered clinicians to secure EVAR grafts, with the ultimate goal of making a positive impact on individuals’ lives – someone’s mom or dad, brother or sister.”

Under the leadership of Professor Dainis Krievins, a team comprising Vascular Surgeons and Interventional Radiologists achieved procedural success by utilizing the innovative ‘SUTURE-TIGHT’ tm nitinol sutures in abdominal aortic aneurysm repair procedures (EVAR) for two patients.Vesteck implant Suture-Tight in EVAR

The ‘SUTURE-TIGHT’ tm catheter has now effectively secured EVAR grafts from multiple commercial vendors in a total of nine patients.

Professor Krievins highlighted the enhanced flexibility and ease of use of the current ‘SUTURE-TIGHT’ tm device, allowing for precise suture placement and reducing procedure time. Joe Rafferty, CEO of VESTECK, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s achievements, stating, “These are incredibly exciting times. The successful completion of nine clinical cases by five different Interventionalists sends a powerful message.

Professor Krievins, a Vascular Surgeon, Director of the Institute of Research at Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital, and Professor at the University of Riga, Latvia, will present this early experience on 11/16/2023 at the VEITH Symposium in NYC.

About VESTECK, Inc.

The organisacion is a clinical-stage medical device company dedicated to advancing platform technology in the aortic repair, structural heart, and peripheral vascular markets. The “SUTURE-TIGHT”tm catheter, preloaded with four pairs of nitinol sutures, securely fastens EVAR/TEVAR grafts to the aorta during initial implant or repair procedures. “SUTURE-TIGHT”tm offers a simple, user-friendly technology for physicians, patients, and payers.

Vesteck, Inc. Medical Devices

Last October, Joe Rafferty, played a prominent role at the prestigious MedTech Malta event, where he engaged in a compelling panel discussion on ‘First Time CEO War Stories: Raising Capital.’ The panel brought together an illustrious lineup of industry leaders, including Giovanni Lauricella, Managing Partner at Lifeblood, Aashiish Agnihotri, Founder & CEO at xDot Medical Inc; Ina Laura Perkins, CEO at Scandinavian Real Heart; Jordan Pollack, CEO of VeinWay Ltd.; Bryce Klontz, Advisor, CEO of New View Surgical, Inc.; and Victor Suturin, Founder and CEO at Aliform. Joe Rafferty’s insights and experiences as the CEO added invaluable perspectives to the discussion, contributing to a rich and informative session for all attendees.

The company is currently raising a $16M Series B round to support a clinical trial for FDA 510K clearance. Would you like to get in touch? Reach out to J.Rafferty