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The Med-Tech World Summit Start-Up Pitching Presentations is a platform for medical technology startups to showcase their innovative products, services, and solutions to a panel of judges and potential investors. This shall provide a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain exposure, receive feedback, and secure funding for their ventures. The event attracts a diverse audience of industry experts, healthcare professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs from around the world. The competition is highly competitive, and the judges evaluate each pitch based on its novelty, feasibility, market potential, and overall impact on healthcare. Top performers receive recognition, networking opportunities, and valuable support to advance their business.

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Giovanni Lauricella

Giovanni Lauricella has a Bachelor’s in Finance and a Master’s in Regulatory Affairs in Medical Devices. He has travelled to 40+ countries and has assisted 500+ startups with talent acquisition and fundraising strategies leading to more than 2,000 hires, $300 million in raised capital, and $4 billion in acquisitions. Giovanni is an active board member and angel investor, who brings 15 years of experience designing and building teams for MedTech startups.

Lifeblood Capital (LBC) is entwined in the MedTech entrepreneurial ecosystem. Without developing a
philosophy on how LBC conducts business with its industry touchpoints of startups, investors, and individual
professionals, LBC would be lost.

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You can see all the judges here. They have been meticulously chosen from a crowd of experts, industry veterans, and business leaders from the sector!
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Giovanni Lauricella
Managing Partner at Lifeblood Capital & Talent
DR Dylan Attard
Med-Tech Conference CEO

CEO & Managing Partner at Matsuda Invest

Managing Director at Cleveland Clinic Ventures

Head of Finance & Corporate Development at Lifeblood Capital

Partner at MedTech Advantage Fund & Director on several boards.

President at UH Ventures, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at UH Hospitals

Venture Partner at Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health

Managing Partner, Catalyst Health Ventures

Principal, 415 Capital Management GmbH

Chief Officer Investment Promotion at Malta Enterprise

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Meet the investors

2023 Startups

Access Vascular Inc

Access Vascular was founded to address the most common and costly complications of intravenous therapy. The company manufactures catheters from a patented hydrophilic biomaterial, MIMIX, which retains significant amounts of water. This is designed to evade the foreign body response and associated complications. FDA-cleared products are HydroPICC® and HydroMID®.

Acorai AB

Filip Peters is CEO and co-founder of Acorai, a global medical device company that is transforming the way we treat and manage heart failure through hardware-enabled software.

Alveon GmbH

ALVEON develops the world's first true Metered Dose Vaporizer for liquid medications, especially plant-based substances. A tailor-made solution for the inhalation of Cannabis pharmaceuticals is our MVP.

AyrFlo Innovation Labs, Inc.

AyrFlo Innovation Labs is developing a comprehensive wearable breathing monitoring system for clinicians in high acuity patient locations who want confidence to avert respiratory deterioration to avoid life-threatening breathing complications. AyrFlo’s system provides fast, objective, and consistent decision support so clinicians can focus on patient care removing guesswork from safety.

Beda Software

Beda EMR is a new generation of Electronic Medical Records solutions. Open Source. FHIR-native, leveraging AI to improve clinical experience. Beda EMR designed to fulfill the needs of Health Tech and Digital Health companies building interoperable solutions.

Biotreat Vascular

Biotreat Vascular is an innovative medical technology company that develops minimally invasive endovascular devices for the treatment of varicose veins, peripheral embolization, and hemorrhoidal disease. Our products are designed to make procedures easier to perform and more accessible to patients, while also addressing the challenges faced by medical operators.


BrainCapture is a Danish startup developing an affordable EEG device that leverages the tools of the 21st century – smartphones, connectivity, AI and automation – to redesign EEG for ease of use and scalability. We believe in the power of AI to transform EEG and enable better health outcomes worldwide.


Dementia screening for the 21st century.
A brain-based test of cognitive function.
Quick & Easy
EEG Revolution: Dive Deeper, Discover More
Decades of neuroscience, years of in-house development.
Computational biomarker search engine.
Automatic data-cleaning pipeline.

Buddy Healthcare

Buddy co-created with Finnish hospitals, a patient app and clinician dashboard automating and digitising perioperative pathways, freeing clinical teams time, reducing paper records and delivering enhanced patient engagement, communication and satisfaction. In 27 healthcare providers across Europe we are more than a software supplier, we're their partner in healthcare delivery

Careful Systems Limited

CAREFUL is a revolutionary communication tool that enables coordination within and between teams through shared visibility of tasks and unambiguous accountability for actions. CAREFUL replaces a patchwork of inadequate, informal and manual systems with a single user-friendly platform. All relevant tasks in a patient’s care can be planned, tracked, recorded, shared and handed over between individuals, teams and organisations.

Colzyx AB

Colzyx presents WOUNDCOM: 100% natural bioactive wound dressings for 3-4x faster healing of infected wounds.
Featuring peptides from collagen VI mimicking human dermis, WOUNDCOM accelerates cell growth and eradicates bacteria, including MDROs. Ideal for all wound types: chronic, surgery and combat wounds.
Colzyx’s technology allows peptide attachment to most surfaces.

Corryn Biotechnologies

Corryn Biotechnologies is working to redefine the standard of complex wound care. Our novel wound dressing technology will reduce the physical and psychological impact of wound care on both patients and carers - by fabricating advanced resorbable tissue scaffolds as wound dressings directly onto patients, without ever contacting the wound.


RondelO™ is a medical stopcock with multiple inlets, able to receive up to 6 drugs where only ONE can be flowing to the patient at the same time, thereby continues drug incompatibility of the connected drugs are eliminated. Flushing fluid is made available between each drug administration by design. RondelO™ is filling the gap for the unmet need of serial administration of incompatible drugs.

Garland Surgical Ltd

Garland Surgical are commercialising an award-winning, novel hip replacement designed by a team from Malta University. The MaltaHip demonstrates dramatically less wear offering the potential of over 50 years longevity. Younger, active patients who otherwise would need multiple surgeries in their lifetime can now have a hip for life.

Innova Vascular, Inc.

Innova Vascular, Inc., (www.innovavascular.com) is a medical device company based in Irvine, CA, USA.  Innova has developed a set of thrombectomy devices for treating pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis and peripheral arterial clots.  These products received FDA approval in June 2023.  Innova has opened an equity based investment opportunity to begin commercializing its products and to conduct a clinical study for expanded indications for use.

Mediloom Ltd

Mediloom Ltd develops diagnostic tools that are based on optical technologies.
ANOPRO is a digital proctoscopy device that enables easy pre-screening examinations for rectal bleeding. The doctor can obtain high quality images and make reliable assessments. Proctology is made easy and referrals to colonoscopies can be reduced. Aimed at gastroenterologists.

Modus Health

At Modus Health, we accurately measure real-world walking with our wearable, StepWatch, to improve treatments, therapies, and drugs. The problem StepWatch addresses is that no other wearable has been shown reliable in measuring walking in patients with slow or irregular walking styles. With this advantage, we created specific products to support clinical trials, clinical care, and academic research. Our latest generation wearable, StepWatch 5, is smaller, lighter, and easier to manufacturer. StepWatch is FDA listed and CE marked.

Nano Optical Sensor Equipment Solutions Ltd

Nano Optical Sensor Equipment Solutions are addressing the multi-billion $ global market opportunity of 'Real-Time' Virus Testing, including Covid, Sars & Influenza, together with ‘In Medical Practice - Real Time’ Breath Biopsy / Breath Based Triage sensing for diseases such as Liver Cancer with its Unique & Patented Optical Sensor Technology.

Rapid Nexus

Rapid Nexus Nanotech Wound Solutions, Inc. is a clinical stage medtech company that has developed a novel tissue growth and healing system. Our Hemastyl® effectively repairs severely damaged deep tissue surrounding a non-healing wound (competitor products don’t address it) as well as in the wound itself.

Retia Medical

Retia makes advanced algorithms to help clinicians detect and diagnose hidden patient deterioration to improve outcomes. Leading users include Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Duke, Columbia, Sheba Medical Center, and many others (>40). Previously funded by Fresenius and Medtronic, we are raising growth capital to accelerate sales and AI algorithm development.

Scandinavian Real Heart AB

Swedish Realheart artificial heart mimics the human heart to save heart failure patient lives. Its physiological algorithm automatically matches the blood amount to the body's needs. Realheart has patent protection in main markets until 2037, better preclinical results than market leader, and was awarded EIC Accelerator up to 17.5 MEUR.

SDS Optic Inc.

SDS Optic Inc. discovers, develops, produces, and commercializes unique diagnostics and monitoring tools on a global scale. The company merges vast medical knowledge with technical skills to create disruptive technologies that can revolutionize global healthcare. Their team consists of renowned experts in molecular biology, advanced photonic technologies, immunochemistry, and biomedical engineering.
They are developing life-saving innovations that can help medical staff with real-time diagnosis. The company concentrates on assisting healthcare with faster, less painful diagnostics and supports targeted effective treatment procedures.


Our mission is to be Your Easy Genetics Laboratory. Whether you are in Lisbon, Porto, Milano, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Cordoba, etc, we want to provide you (a patient, a doctor, a scientist, a veterinary professional or a student) an easily crossable bridge. We intend to create a fluid flow of your samples, data and information, supported by solid laboratories and high-qualify staff from STAB VIDA, always with the main purpose to give you the results you need.

Stroma Medical

Stroma Medical is a clinical-stage startup that has developed an aesthetic laser system to permanently change eye color.  The company has a robust international patent portfolio, clinical data from over 150 procedures, support from key opinion leaders in ophthalmology, and market research indicating high level of demand for the procedure.


An in-shoe system to detect and prevent foot complications in people with diabetes.


Tech2heal is a healthcare startup with its flagship product, Alakin. Alakin is a comprehensive healthcare solution that empowers providers to design personalized care pathways, automate tasks, and engage patients. It enhances care coordination, efficiency, and patient outcomes in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.


VESTECK is a clinical stage company with a platform technology. The “SUTURE-TIGHT”tm catheter comes preloaded with nitinol sutures to secure endovascular aortic repair grafts to the aorta at the time of initial implant or during repair procedures. Big global unmet need. 50% Global TAM >$700M.
KOL’s in alignment, they need our device.

Volta Medical

Volta Medical is developing AI-based solutions to help cardiac electrophysiologists improve outcomes for atrial fibrillation patients. Volta is based in Marseille, France and has raised over 70 million euro to date. The company has European CE Mark and US FDA 510(k) clearance and is seeking a Series C to fund commercialization.