Following past success at both SiGMA and AIBC events, the inaugural edition of Med-Tech World Startup Pitch is ready to launch in 2021. Over 100 startups will be selected to showcase their products and initiatives throughout the event. Each startup will have a small booth at Med-Tech World, surrounded by top investors and mentors. However, only the judges’ top ten make it to the Pitch during the final leg of the summit. Increase your chance of being one of the top 100 by providing a 3-minute video-introduction upon participation!

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startup village participants will get:


Free 1*1m booth, including cost of printing and furniture


Invitation to premium networking events during Med-Tech World


Startup pitch presentation for ten finalists - meet the investors on stage


AGS PR: magazines, website, email, newsletter, and interviews


Free consultancy and potential leads from leading industry veterans


We will personally connect you to potential customers and/or investors


Jessica Walker


Julien de Salaberry


Julien de Salaberry is the Founder and CEO of Galen Growth, the global leader in digital health intelligence, analytics and matchmaking to Fortune 500 corporations (pharma, insurance, medical devices, technology, etc.) and institutional investors (VC, CVC, FO and PE). Galen Growth unleashes the power of digital health!

Guy Spigelman


Guy Spigelman is the EMEA lead for Healthcare and Life Sciences Startups at Amazon Web Services (AWS). In this role Guy harnesses the technology and people at Amazon to work alongside the investors and founders of startups to accelerate their scientific, engineering and commercial development. Prior to AWS, Guy was VP Portfolio Success at aMoon, Israel's largest health-technology VC and before that he led a network of accelerators supporting over 100 startups per year. Guy has been part of the leadership team of several early-stage startups, including XMPie sold to Xerox and AposTherapy where Guy launched global operations in EMEA and APAC.

Adrian Attard Trevisan


Adrian Attard Trevisan is co-founder and Managing Director of Umana Medical. Specialising in patient monitoring devices, Umana Medical was acquired by GPI Group. Adrian is an angel investor with broad experience in R&D and commercialisation of med-tech devices. He features regularly in the media, most recently in a Forbes Middle East interview.

David Anthony Gatt


Anthony David Gatt is a Manager at the Head, External Communications within Malta Enterprise, Malta’s economic development corporation, where he has been tasked with supporting the Aviation sector. Amongst his duties are assisting the current productive activities in the aviation cluster, including the MRO industry, and showcasing Malta as a viable FDI destination. Anthony is also actively engaged in providing the right set-up and infrastructure to solidify the opportunity for a drone/UAV testing and pilot training cluster in Malta

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Bien-être World

B2B mental health SAAS global platform for multi national companies which are human capital heavy.


AI-platform for Medical Imaging pathology detection, including oncology diseases at early stages.System analyzing digital medical images, detecting patologies and interpreting the result, this cuts down the time of research and establishing diagnosis, minimizes the risk of missing pathology. Celsus have 3 market-ready solutions: mammography, X-ray,CT.

Ciba Health

Ciba Health is a personalized digital therapeutics and virtual care platform. We utilize a holistic root-cause approach to treat and reverse chronic conditions while optimizing the physical and mental wellbeing of our patients.


About 6 million people in Germany and Switzerland are below 65 years old and need to take multiple medications a day. These patients need to manage their prescriptions, buy their medication at the pharmacy, sort their pills, remember to take them and to track their symptoms. And all of this while still working and with families at home. This is a lot to take care of and 50% fail to do this correctly, which costs 200k lives and 125 billion Euros every year alone in Europe. We offer these patients an all-round carefree service that takes care of all these inconvenient tasks. We uniquely combine a smart pillbox that tracks the intake behavior with a delivery service of pre-sorted medication and a reminder & symptom tracking app. Moreover, the patients are directly connected with their physicians and pharmacist for seamless and convenient care.


Our goal is to provide users with a personalise well-being window, from sleep and stress to fatigue and depression, all curable on Few, we provided knowledge and the opportunity to work on their physical, mental and spiritual health.


Fingertips is part of the French Tech network in Nice and Nevers and is aimed at the Silver Economy. Fingertips offers a complete ecosystem to improve the quality of life of people who are losing their independence. The aim is to make all daily activities within their reach, so accessibility and ergonomics are at the heart of the Viktor Cushion project. Our approach, to keep the person at home in the best possible conditions, serves two purposes : the happiness of the person who can remain at home, but also to limit the economic cost of long stays in hospital or in a nursing home.

Lifetrack Medical Systems

Lifetrack is a Singapore and Philippines-based health-tech company that's developed and deployed the first scalable, distributed medical imaging software designed for affordable access. Our LifeSys platform is used by large healthcare chains, public health systems, and radiology group practices to scale their radiology operations seamlessly, without the pain or cost of legacy medical imaging software. We have helped diagnose over 2 million patient studies since our commercial launch at the end of 2016.


Mazecare is a digital healthcare platform, capable of connecting the patient, the health provider, and the insurer. It covers the full patient journey from appointments, health services, medical records, billing, claim adjudication and payment. Mazecare empowers clinics, hospitals, medical groups, insurers and their TPAs, with customized, state-of-the-art management systems, patient portals, claim adjudication engines and integrations - with powerful backend powered by APIs and cloud, hybrid, or on-premise infrastructure. Mazecare is a Healthcare IT Products and Services Company and builds a robust, feature rich suite of products to deliver significant value to the stakeholders of the healthcare industry.


Did you know that 6 out of 10 adults have chronic diseases? Healthcare lacks the capacity, leaving patients underserved and economies burdened by skyrocketing healthcare costs. Our vision is to bring healthcare to every patient home. Megi is a digital healthcare assistant that provides medical support to cardiovascular patients 24/7. Born in Magdalena Clinic for cardiovascular diseases, in collaboration between AI experts, cardiologists, patients and psychologists, currently she takes care of hypertension patients. Her brain consists of medical expertise as well as the capacity to handle interpersonal relationships with patients intuitively and empathetically, ensuring patient engagement and high adherence to the treatment. Our results demonstrate 98% adherence, successful clinical outcomes, and the potential of Megi to exponentially increase healthcare capacity as well as transform the healthcare landscape for the benefit of all stakeholders.

neuro42, Inc.

Having a portable MRI with a robotic platform, that would allow for emergency screening of stroke patients and could be used across departments and within the operating room environment for live image guidance, is appealing to the physician community and fuels the need to develop such technology. neuro42 creates a superior patient experience with no claustrophobia or loud MRI noises. Most of the patients that feel confined during a traditional MRI and build anxiousness due to long wait times resulting from scarce availability of MRI machines, will take a sigh of relief to know that our technology provides a more comfortable experience and lends to the radiology community an additional, low maintenance, equipment in their arsenal to manage scheduling better. The fact that physicians treating these patients have a tool that can provide real time feedback of the activity during the procedure, be it resections or probe placements, would build confidence in the patient about their provider’s willingness to deliver best in class treatment for them. The AI component at neuro42 has a multifocal focus, including refining the quality of scans in post processing and building a database of treatment and diagnostic information to develop classifiers for predictive analysis and automated treatment planning. Our robot is envisioned as an assistive tool for surgeons during interventional procedures including catheter placements, needle biopsies, laser ablations, multielectrode placements during sEEG procedures and drug delivery for chemotherapy.


We are addressing the problem of Misdiagnosis of Epilepsy which is around 35-40%. Epilepsy is one of the most prevalent neurological disorders characterized by recurrent seizures in the brain. Around 50 million people are affected worldwide with 6-8 million people in India. The ratio of number of Doctors to epilepsy patients in India is 1:2600 and the misdiagnosis rate of epilepsy is around 35-40%. If Seizure is untreated, the mortality for patients continuously seizing is >70%. The Misdiagnosis Triad: Electroencephalogram(EEG): EEG is one of the primary diagnostic tools used to confirm epilepsy diagnosis. Various drawbacks in the current EEG diagnostic process is the major contributor to the greater rate of misdiagnosis. The drawbacks in the EEG process are the following : 1)Current EEG Systems(used in India and other developing countries) lack better signal quality. 2)Lack of properly skilled and trained EEG technicians in India. 3)Greater prevalence of Neurologists misinterpreting EEGs.

Nexus Digital Technology Limited

Nexus is a global behaviour modification platform that educates and empowers citizens to take control of their health and wellbeing. Nexus digitally connects users with health coaches, telemental health, brands, devices, and educative tools that provides them with critical intelligence about their health and wellbeing to promote life-long behavioural change

Omni Iota Science Ltd.

Clinical and academic research outputs increase year on year at an overwhelming rate, with over 3 million English language research papers published in 2018 alone and increasing at over 3% per year (STM Report, 2018). This makes it hard to find the right information and follow relevant research in the deluge of information. OiPub is designed to cut through the noise and make it simple for physicians and researchers to find and follow the information they need, saving them time and money that would otherwise be spent on laborious, costly research efforts. We are building a new research categorisation and organisation model that makes research faster and easier for researchers. At the same time, we are building a new publishing model that will make open access publishing cheaper and easier while maintaining scientific rigour, thus accelerating the open science movement.

Oro Muscles

We optimize elite athletic training and rehabilitation by connecting muscle activity data to action. With our platform, coaches, clinicians, and researchers can see inside the muscles of their clients to understand;(1) Which compensation mechanisms their clients use when fatiguing or when muscles are misfiring, (2) What are the weak points of their clients’ current training/rehabilitation, (3) A full analysis of exercises for the creation of a movement toolbox to understand which exercises specifically target those weak points for their specific goals and their specific biomechanics;and (4) How can we optimize the use of this movement toolkit to periodize exercises effectively and optimally? Founders, Hobey Tam and Tanya Colonna began Oro Muscles in the US in 2017. After a year, things were growing and developing, but not in a sustainable manner. For this reason, they applied to accelerator programs and ended up moving over to the Netherlands to pursue this venture. Since the move, things have really picked up and Hobey and Tanya have moved their lives to Europe to get this started and scaled. Hobey is the CTO- he oversees all technology development, manages our pilot site customer relations, and ensures customer satisfaction. Hobey has a PhD in bioengineering (https://www.linkedin.com/in/hobey-tam-3b136a5b/). Tanya is the CEO- she coordinates the legal matters such as IP negotiations, financials, marketing, and external partner relationships. She has a background in engineering and engineering management


Patientory democratizes individual ownership of the world’s health data and incentives to improve health outcomes. Patientory Inc. is a population health data management and analytics company. Through its two decentralized applications, the Patientory mobile app and enterprise software tool Neith, Patientory Inc. provides patients with ownership and insights and enterprises with comprehensive healthcare data intelligence. This is achieved by integrating a blockchain enabled network to gather and analyze siloed healthcare data, which includes daily lifestyle factors, and in turn, reduce the cost of care.

Philia Labs Pty Ltd

There is overwhelming evidence that prolonged or chronic stress is a precursor to mental health issues and is tightly linked to mental health decline. A clinically-validated measure of the continuum of chronic stress - that enables targeted interventions and predicts stress-related outcomes - remains an unmet clinical need. Philia labs is a digital health startup that is developing a solution comprising sensors, machine learning, and AI-driven software platform that can facilitate the prevention, early detection, early mitigation, and monitoring of factors affecting stress-related mental health conditions, specifically related to sleep. We are doing this by providing a clinically validated, continuous biomarker of chronic stress from skin activity that is derived from wearable sensors. We are striving to ease the burden of mental health on healthcare practitioners and systems, create a healthier, happier workforce, and boost the global economy.


Our mission: to tackle a fundamental, unmet challenge in healthcare;Post-Operative Delirium (POD) with a proprietary A.I-driven risk assessment tool to help doctors find patients at risk prior to surgery. Our SaaS software uses the largest, richest database in the world (which we own) to drive its algorithm. POD can have dramatic adverse outcomes on patients including doubling nursing care admissions and a dramatic increase in mortality. POD also has significant increases in costs to the hospital, insurance company and society at large which we can help reduce. We received CE certification as a medical device and currently launching in several hospitals in Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands. Our pre-seed funding came from EIT Health. Our vision: to become a category leader in reducing delirium. Delirium in totality has a higher cost burden to healthcare than diabetes and POD is the first product and focus.

RunKicker Pte Ltd

An AI-driven, Micro-Service based NCD* health risk platform (* NCD’s – Hypertension, CVD’s, Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease), Localised, scalable and Continuous AI at the Edge all on your Smartphone! A shift to improving the quality of life for people at risk of NCDs must include the integration of preventative tools within the Primary Health Care facilities and into the hands of the patient.


Simbo.ai is a clinical documentation product using multi-modal AI. It listens (also sees) to doctor and patient and creates clinical documentation for the doctor real-time. Simbo is part of a startup called mTatva which is an 8-year old digital health startup out of India. Simbo.AI helps doctors create clinical documentation within few seconds by using their voice without touching keyboard/mouse or pen. It is used by 100s of doctors in India after its commercial launch few months back. Simbo.AI also won NASSCOM, ET Health, CAHO (Consortium of Accredited Hospitals), CE Worldwide awards earlier this year. We are also recognized by WEF C4IR consortium and part of Amazon Startup Ramp program for public sector. We have two solutions: 1. SimboAlpha which is a virtual AI clinical assistant for doctors. 2. SimboBISLU which is a virtual resident doctor helping them do real time documentation.


SMILE is the first mental health app to support people dealing with long-term physical health conditions. It provides clinician led, evidence based psychoeducation and coping strategies, delivered in bitesize video, audio and written content that people can access at home, when they need it most. People dealing with long-term health conditions are up to three times more likely to develop anxiety or depression than average. Research shows early mental health intervention can improve adherance to treatment, clinical outcomes, long term cost, and quality of life for patients and carers. Yet 96% people are offered no mental health support after diagnosis, despite 89% struggling with anxiety and low mood. Digital health platforms are an affordable, accessible tool that can break down barriers to access, but there is not a mental health app tailored to the complex needs of this community and their carers. SMILE is here to change that.


Medical insurance and healthcare digital transformation.

TalentFind solutions

TalentFind Solutions is the world's first intelligent global medical recruitment and HR platform to use Ai technology bring together all aspects of medical recruitment and HR functions in one system. Powerful suite of tools: eMEDMARKETPLACE™ A global job board and network of TalentFind users, offering access to thousands of medical professionals around the world with the right skills to fill your job roles. eMEDCOLLEGE™ Ensures candidates meet your regional licensing requirements and allows you to manage the training and upskilling of your existing staff. eMEDLICENSING™ Cut time and admin by intelligently managing the whole licensing process with an easy to use interface and TalentFind's 3rd party integrations. eMEDNURSEPOOL™ A global nurse talent pool accessible by TalentFind users within the eMedMarketPlace. Find the right candidates with the right skills to fill your job roles from across the globe.


Tenacio is a digital cardiovascular health start up with locations in Berlin, Germany, and New York City. tenacio’s clinical decision support device feeds clinical data into a platform which provides a clinician with an individualized risk assessment and actionable treatment recommendations for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

The BioArte

The Bio Arte is an innovative player in the field of biomolecular research, highly specialized on the microbiota (collection of all the microorganisms living and evolving with us). In-depth knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and a team that is consistently up to date with the latest in scientific research: Those are the genes in our DNA. The subject of our diagnostic analyses are all types of Microorganisms, ranging from those which are essential for our well-being to those which are pathogenic.


Trak has developed a computational vision algorithm, more specifically a pose prediction algorithm, which detects 20 body key points on the patient from a computer or mobile camera and guides them through rehabilitation exercises The algorithm obtains the patient's range of movement, the repetitions they have performed in each exercise and the time they are rehabilitating. With regard to healthcare professionals the objective of Trak is to provide objective data about the patient's recovery that can help them to improve the success of the process and prescribe personalized treatments based on therapeutic exercise. As for patients, the goal is that they rehabilitate from home. Without the need of any extra device other than a computer, tablet or smartphone. Trak is a Class I Medical Device and has the CE marking.


Tykn is an award-winning Dutch startup developing Self-Sovereign Identity solutions. Having spent 3 years developing the infrastructural SSI tech through projects for high-stake user bases with the likes of the UNDP, Red Cross & Turkish government, Tykn developed Ana: SSI made simple. The easiest way for companies to integrate SSI into their existing workflows.


Virtonomy is shortening time-to-market of medical products by conducting data driven studies on virtual patients. Our solution is based on an ever-expanding database to reflect anatomical variability, demographic diversity and pathological conditions. We support medical device manufacturers in the various phases of the product life cycle, from concept phase, over pre-clinical evaluation to post-market surveillance: better understand the target anatomy, find the optimal fit of the device to treat the maximum number of patients, identify the right in-vivo model, and improve clinical trials by proper sub-population selection.


Wyes develops a pair of smart-glasses allowing people who are locked inside their bodies (due to paralysis or other pathologies) to regain the ability to communicate with their loved ones, their doctors and nurses, and with the rest of society.

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Anthony Grech


Adrian Attard Trevisan

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Anthony David Gatt

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Galen Growth

Galen Growth Evaluation Process

Founded by HealthTech innovators, Galen Growth is the specialist in digital health innovation and partnerships, bringing together the world’s best-fit ventures with the leading organisations, to accelerate their customer, patient, healthcare professional focused innovation.

Galen Growth has defined 4 key themes for the competition which are the latest primary focus for corporations and investors:

  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Patient Adherence
  • Clinical Trial Support Services
  • Digital Therapeutics

Each promising digital health venture applying to participate in the startup pitch competition will be evaluated to assess the following key signals which include but not limited to:

  • Is it digital health?
  • What market momentum has it achieved?
  • How Innovative is its solution?
  • Will the leadership team be able to scale?

The Galen Growth evaluation will produce a shortlist of the most promising ventures which will then be further assessed by a jury. The winner(s) will be selected by the jury after the shortlisted ventures have pitched and replied to the jury questions.