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Patient Centricity: The gateway to medical innovation

By Matthew Calleja

“We are only at the beginning of the digital revolution in healthcare – realising this vision means we must not only spark innovation, but build trust and confidence through validated scientific evidence.” – Gianrico Farrugia, M.D, President and CEO at Mayo Clinic What a year it’s been for Mayo Clinic’s groundbreaking venture, Mayo Clinic Proceedings: … Continued

Malta’s Venture Capital Landscape Receives €10 Million Boost to Support Innovative Startups

By Dr. Dylan Attard

Malta’s startup ecosystem received a significant boost with the inauguration of the Venture Capital’s offices in Sliema by Minister for the Economy, Enterprise, and Strategic Projects, Silvio Schembri, on Monday, March 18. This move follows Schembri’s announcement in September last year that the government had allocated €10 million for a venture capital fund aimed at … Continued

Future-proofing your global company and more with Kwame Ulmer

By Matthew Calleja

What investment trends are currently dominating the American Healthcare industry? What are entrepreneurs to do in the wake of rapid regulatory advancements? These questions and more were discussed in Future proof your Global Company, an enlightening presentation given by Mr. Kwame Ulmer during MedTech Malta last October. At the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, Kwame … Continued

One million benefit from ClinicY’s patient-centric digital health solutions

By Matthew Calleja

Clinicy, a healthtech startup based in Saudi Arabia, has successfully secured a substantial seven-figure investment in its Series A funding round.  Having already served one million patients and counting, Clinicy’s innovative solutions are poised to further revolutionise healthcare delivery in Saudi Arabia and beyond. Led by Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP), a prominent venture capital … Continued

Into the fray of Early Capital with veteran MedTech CEOs

By Michael Joe Cini

“No company has ever died from dilution, but they have died from no capital.”  -Renee Ryan, former CEO of Cala Health Embarking on that maiden voyage as a CEO comes with both its triumphs and tribulations. First Time CEO War Stories: Raising Capital emerged as a pivotal panel by MedTech CEOs amidst the prestigious Med-Tech … Continued

Pioneering medical innovator Acorai secures $4.5M in a heartbeat

By Matthew Calleja

Acorai, an emerging medical innovator device rooted in Sweden and a standout participant in the Med-Tech World Malta 2023 Pitch, has successfully wrapped up a series seed equity round that echoes with success. In a flash, Acorai secured $4.5 million, advancing its clinical studies after a €2.3 million grant and €10 million commitment from the … Continued

Enspectra Health Achieve FDA Clearance: Breakthrough VIO System

By Matthew Calleja

Enspectra Health, a pioneering health tech company, celebrates FDA 510(k) clearance for the groundbreaking VIO System. Unleashing a new era in noninvasive imaging, VIO integrates reflectance confocal and multiphoton microscopy for swift, high-resolution skin imaging. FDA-Cleared! Groundbreaking VIO system Enspectra Health, a leading health tech company, has proudly announced the receipt of US FDA 510(k) … Continued