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26th April 2021

AXA teams up with Microsoft to launch digital healthcare platform

Insurance company AXA launches digital healthcare platform with Microsoft by leveraging the company’s knowledge in cloud-based computing and AI

AXA have launched a digital healthcare platform in partnership with Microsoft in bid to provide a “virtual healthcare system that is open to all”. The news comes after a successful pilot in late 2020.
The platform, based on the technology employed in the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, provides a self-assessment and prevention tool; a medical concierge; a teleconsultation interface; a digital document vault; home care services including medicine delivery; and a directory of healthcare professionals.
Moreover, customers in Germany and Italy currently have access to the platform and will later be launched in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland in 2022.
Thomas Buberl, chief executive of AXA, said in a statement:

Thomas Buberl, chief executive of AXA
Thomas Buberl, chief executive of AXA hopes that the platform will help more people have access to better healthcare solutions.

This ambition is further strengthened today in the face of the current historic worldwide public health crisis.
In many countries, the fragmentation, complexity and costs of health systems are a barrier to access to care.
This new ecosystem of services that we have developed with Microsoft is a powerful lever to provide customers with access to the best healthcare solutions.

Additionally, the platform hopes to allow the integration of third-party services in the future in bid to create a global service for healthcare providers and patients.
Source: digitalhealth

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