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17th October 2022


The Covid pandemic shut down the opportunity for in-person networking, though with live events now returning, the chance to build relationships that have the potential to advance your career have returned. 

Med-Tech World will gather together leading companies, start-ups, investors, healthcare technology professionals, and media under one roof in Malta in November. A key aim will be to empower networking, investment, and knowledge sharing.

Networking isn’t just about exchanging information with others and, certainly, it’s not about begging for favours. Networking involves establishing, building, and nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the people you meet in different places.

According to FinancesOnline, 85 percent of all job vacancies are filled through networking. A LinkedIn survey found that 61 percent of respondents agree that regular networking led to job opportunities.

You do not have to attend every networking event or join several professional gathering associations to be a successful networker. Few strong connections can open doors at the time you most need a breakthrough.  

Over the years, networking has proven to be a valid means of marketing and discovering new products. Business moguls and great minds, leveraging networking, have expanded their horizons of business partners, created and discovered new opportunities in their respective business lines, and become relevant and up-to-date on both new and existing trends in their various businesses. 

For professionals, the best networking opportunities may occur at trade or conferences, which are designed to attract a large crowd of like-minded individuals in a similar field.

These networking opportunities also empower professionals to keep up with current events in their field and to make the contacts that can boost business prospects. 

Medical devices and technology are seen as the future of healthcare. In recent years, Malta has taken the lead in regulating emerging technologies and now wants to replicate that success in the Med-tech vertical. 

The conference will be held on Nov. 17th and 18th. 


It is now estimated that the global digital health market will increase to around $640 billion by 2026. Through our expertise coupled with optimized networking, we will ensure that both investors and startups are on the ground floor of this health revolution. The event which is organized and curated alongside a team of doctors, attracts legislators and policymakers, medical professionals, and investors from across the world, addresses the opportunities and challenges driving this million-dollar forum.