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30th May 2022

Digital Afrique Telecom joins hand with Ever Medical Technologies to modernize the African healthcare industry through technology

Reinforcing Health Tech in Africa: a pathway to scaling public health intervention

Across Africa, countries constantly face remarkable disruptions in their health tech supply chains and last-mile health-service delivery, inadequacy in medicine data storage and analysis, and poor financing. However, though accelerated by the pandemic, there have been recent innovations in technology and significant possibilities to improve access to healthcare in Africa.

Globally, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry has experienced notable digital transformation. Advancements in technology worldwide are helping to solve some of the world’s most pressing healthcare challenges; digitization has a pivotal role in improving essential remote care services, achieving a rapid roll-out of vaccines globally, and real-time data tracking of pandemic trends. The management of communicable and non-communicable diseases has been impacted by the advancement in technology.

Africa was lagging; some barriers prevent equitable access to quality care and vital medicines, especially in remote areas. Inadequate policies and gaps in policy effectiveness, unavailability of health personnel with the required expertise, inadequate access to health equipment, poor community and user integration with the technology, and poor funding were part of the hurdles identified. Some of them persist even now. These seemingly underdeveloped healthcare systems have made obvious the need for radical innovative solutions.

In recent years, Africa is however growing fast, industrializing, and urbanizing; there has been pronounced advancement in Africa’s health tech with tremendous opportunities for growth. Promising projects are being successfully established in countries; an example is the pioneer telehealth company in Ghana, mPharma, which set to establish 100 virtual centres across Africa. The following years are expected to witness many more health tech companies’ evolution in Africa.

DAT partnered with Ever Medical Technologies

In the bid to modernize Africa’s healthcare industry through technology, Digital Afrique Telecom (DAT), a Pan-African telecommunications service provider, has partnered with Ever Medical Technologies.

DAT is a major player. It has a wealth of experience in selling and implementing technology solutions in Africa with customers in 20 countries on the continent. Ever Medical Technology, on the other hand, is a vibrant medical technology company implementing the latest technological advances in cloud and blockchain solutions in Healthcare institutions in Southeast Asia and the United States of America. It is the perfect platform to allow insurance companies, governments, and hospitals to seamlessly and rapidly advance their customers’ journey and ease back-office processes.

The new partnership which is actively coming to life with roadshows starting in 4 countries namely Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Nigeria and Botswana, seeks to improve, facilitate and disseminate digital medical solutions across the continent.

In his speech, the CEO of DAT, Simplice Anoh said:

“The Africa healthcare system needs to be modernised. We are proud to participate in accelerating that process through technology with our world-class solutions provider with proven track records which can solve challenges for the healthcare industry across Africa. At DAT, we pride ourselves to activate the digital revolution in Africa’s technology platforms through innovation and we believe Ever is instrumental in achieving this for the healthcare system.”

Bhunusich Chomanan, the CEO of Ever Medical Technologies also expressed their pleasure to join forces with DAT in offering medical technologies solutions to Africa. He stated that modernizing healthcare systems across the globe is the core mission and vision of the medical technology solutions provider as it maximizes efficiency, reduces waste and lowers costs for hospitals, patients and payers.

Companies in these countries operating in the insurance and healthcare industry are called on to quickly connect with Digital Afrique Telecom for the benefit of their customers.

About Med-Tech World:

It is now estimated that the global digital health market will increase to around $640 billion by 2026. Through our expertise coupled with optimized networking, we will ensure that both investors and startups are on the ground floor of this health revolution. The event which is organized and curated alongside a team of doctors, attracts legislators and policymakers, medical professionals, and investors from across the world, addresses the opportunities and challenges driving this million-dollar forum.