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21st November 2023

Dubai Sets the Stage: Med-Tech World Summit’s Global Roadshow Series Unveiled for 2024

Dubai, UAE – Monday 26th February, 2023

Med-Tech World is set to kick off its global roadshow series for 2024 in Dubai on February 26th, hosted at the Intercontinental Dubai Festival City. This milestone event promises a day filled with enlightening content, dynamic start-up pitches, and insightful discussions with prominent investors taking the stage.

About Med-Tech World

The Med-Tech World Summit is a global series of conferences and events across the world, serving as a nexus for industry leaders, innovators, and investors to converge, collaborate, and catalyse the future of healthcare technology. Renowned for fostering groundbreaking partnerships and accelerating the adoption of cutting-edge medical technologies, Med-Tech World Summit has established itself as a pivotal event in the global digital health and medtech landscape, with its flagship Malta, Europe show taking centre stage every last quarter of the year.

United Arab Emirates: A Hub for HealthTech Innovation & Investment

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), with its strategic location and visionary leadership in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, has become a thriving hub for healthtech innovation and investment. The commitment of these two prominent cities to establishing a world-class healthcare ecosystem has led to a rapid influx of groundbreaking technologies and transformative initiatives. The collaborative efforts between Dubai and Abu Dhabi have positioned the UAE as a driving force in the field of healthtech, attracting significant investments and fostering an environment conducive to cutting-edge advancements in healthcare.

The United Arab Emirates is strategically positioning itself as a global HealthTech hub, with both Dubai and Abu Dhabi showcasing dedication to this vision. The cutting-edge healthcare infrastructure, advanced research facilities, and supportive regulatory environment in both cities reflect the UAE’s commitment to becoming a leader in the field. The convergence of artificial intelligence, telemedicine, robotics, and other innovative technologies within the healthcare sector further solidifies the UAE’s role in driving the global healthcare revolution.

The UAE’s healthcare sector has become an investment magnet, attracting global investors looking to capitalize on opportunities in the rapidly evolving industry. Dubai and Abu Dhabi jointly contribute to a robust investment landscape, characterized by a dynamic mix of public and private sector initiatives. Notably, the Med-Tech World Summit hosted in the UAE provides an ideal platform for investors to explore and engage with innovative startups and emerging technologies, underscoring the UAE’s appeal as a destination for those seeking to shape the future of healthcare through strategic investments.

What to Expect at the Med-Tech World Summit in Dubai

  • Content: Engage with thought-provoking discussions and presentations from industry leaders, exploring the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the ever-evolving field of medical technology.
  • Start-up Pitches: Witness innovative startups showcase their cutting-edge solutions, competing for attention and support from potential investors and collaborators.
  • Investor Insights: Gain valuable insights from seasoned investors as they share their perspectives on the current landscape of healthtech investments and the potential for growth in the industry.

The Med-Tech World Summit’s debut in Dubai is not just an event; it’s a convergence of visionaries, pioneers, and investors shaping the future of healthcare technology. Join us on February 26th at the Intercontinental Dubai Festival City for a day that promises to be the catalyst for transformative advancements in the world of medical technology.

The journey beyond  

Over the past two years, the Med-Tech World Summit has traversed the globe, leaving its mark on innovation and collaboration. From Dubai to Toronto, the roadshow ventured to Belgrade, London, and Istanbul, fostering connections and showcasing cutting-edge advancements in medical technology. These events became crucial platforms for industry leaders, startups, and investors to converge, share insights, and explore groundbreaking opportunities. Looking ahead to 2024, Med-Tech World Summit shall be expanding its horizons with new events set to take place in Barcelona and Berlin, promising to introduce new landscapes for the exchange of ideas and the catalysation of transformative developments in the ever-evolving field of medical technology.

Learn more about the 2024 Roadshow Series, and stay tuned for the ticket launch!