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24th July 2023

Endiatx unveils PillBot™ at Med-Tech World Summit

Endiatx to showcase PillBot™ at Med-Tech World Summit, an Investor & Startup Conference co-hosted by Med-Tech World & Lifeblood Capital

On the 19th of October 2023, Endiatx will be showcasing its technology with a live demonstration on stage in Malta. This technology showcase will enable our audience to witness the future of swallowable micro-robotics at Med-Tech World Summit Malta, an investor and startup conference co-hosted by Med-Tech World and Lifeblood Capital.

Mission and Vision of Endiatx

Endiatx’s mission is to bring forth an era of accessible, cost-effective, and dignified medical care through the use of micro-robotic devices. At the core of their vision lies PillBot™, a motorized robotic device that promises to revolutionize patient care. By drastically reducing costs and increasing accessibility, Endiatx aims to empower patients globally, providing them with the agency to manage their health proactively.

The Virtual Endoscope: A Breakthrough in Patient Care

A groundbreaking achievement with PillBot™ is that it functions as a virtual endoscope, allowing physicians to visualize the interior of a patient’s body via telemedicine. This innovative approach eliminates the need for sedation and invasive procedures, making screening and diagnosis safer for patients. With no preparation required other than fasting for a short period and swallowing the PillBot™ while awake, patients can undergo non-invasive diagnostics.

Using a smartphone app, physicians can navigate PillBot™ through the patient’s GI tract, gathering real-time data within minutes. The information is securely stored and subjected to AI-enhanced analysis, providing accurate and efficient diagnoses. After completing its mission, PillBot™ naturally passes out of the body, offering a seamless and non-disruptive experience for the patient.

Impacting the Medical Community and Patient Care

PillBot™ has garnered enthusiastic support from physicians, especially GI doctors. By incorporating motorized capsule endoscopy into their workflows, doctors can streamline their processes, see more patients, and reduce delays. This approach also enables physicians to prioritize traditional endoscopic procedures only for cases that require further investigation, thereby optimizing resources and minimizing the environmental footprint associated with such procedures.

Endiatx presenting at Med-Tech World Summit Malta

With their eyes set on delivering PillBot™ to the world, Endiatx is keen to showcase their revolutionary technology live on stage. The company plans to demonstrate the capabilities of PillBot™ live, with a team member swallowing the device while a renowned GI specialist from Mayo Clinic, based in the US, remotely controls it in real time. This live demonstration aims to inspire audiences by highlighting the incredible possibilities of micro-robotics in healthcare.

“We’re incredibly grateful to have Endiatx featured at the Malta Med-Tech World Summit. It’s an honour to showcase such groundbreaking technologies that are revolutionising healthcare around the globe. Being at the forefront of micro-robotics inside the human body allows us to lead the way in innovative patient care and our summit shall provide a unique platform to inspire the world with the endless possibilities of PillBot™ and any similar micro-robotic devices. We are driven to help companies like Endiatx make a positive impact on the medical community and improve patient outcomes globally.” – Dr. Dylan Attard, CEO at Med-Tech World Summit.

“Endiatx is innovating sexy technology in the medical device industry that combines robotics, miniaturization, imaging, and improved patient outcomes. This is the type of technology that we want to showcase in front of our audience of investors and innovators to create serendipity that could push these types of technologies forward. Endiatx’s PillBot™ is the show we want to deliver at MedTech Malta and is the type of innovation that will continue to bring back forward-thinking innovators and investors to Malta for our annual event that caters to thought-leadership and ingenuity in the medical device industry.” – Giovanni Lauricella, Managing Partner of Lifeblood Capital.

Current Challenges and Future Goals.

As Endiatx forges ahead with their mission, they face a few challenges in the imminent future. PillBot™ is currently in the process of seeking FDA clearance in the United States. Meanwhile, the company seeks to expand its network of investment and distribution partners so that it can deliver lifesaving technology as swiftly as possible. Endiatx engineers are already refining the technical features necessary for future micro-robotic devices. Next will come PillSurgeon™, which will be based on the PillBot™ platform but add tools for targeted drug delivery, polypectomy, wound treatment, and microbiome sampling

Endiatx’s vision of micro-robotics inside the human body holds the promise of a healthcare revolution. By combining innovative technologies like the virtual endoscope with their dedication to patient-centric care, they are paving the way for a future where medical procedures become less invasive, more accessible, and profoundly impactful. With their commitment to shaping the future of healthcare, Endiatx is poised to leave an indelible mark on the medical community and improve the lives of patients worldwide.

Med-Tech World Summit In Malta: Join Us

Be sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming Med-Tech World Summit on October 19th and 20th at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Malta. This highly anticipated summit will offer a platform for further exploration and discussion of cutting-edge advancements in the field of medical technology, fostering collaboration and shaping the future of healthcare.