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29th November 2023

KARDI AI Secures €1.5M Seed Round to Revolutionize Preventive Heart Monitoring

NOVEMBER 29, 2023

Med-Tech World is thrilled to share the groundbreaking success of one of our esteemed alumni from the latest edition of MedTech Malta last October 2023, KARDI AI. The innovative health-tech company, part of the BCV portfolio, has recently secured an impressive €1.5M in a seed funding round, signaling a major stride in reshaping preventive heart monitoring.

Paving the Way for Future Healthcare: A Strategic Investment

KARDI AI, a company that showcased its cutting-edge technology at Med-Tech World 2023, has received strategic backing from a consortium of investors, including Central and Eastern European VCs such as Purple Ventures, DEPO Ventures,, Soulmates Ventures, Garage Angels, and other influential angel investors. This marks the second significant investment by BrightCap Ventures in the startup, reinforcing the confidence in the company’s vision and the capabilities of its founding team.

The substantial funding injection will propel the startup towards ambitious goals, including achieving EU MDR 2a compliance, advancing product capabilities, and expanding market presence.

Innovating beyond convention

KARDI AI’s reliability of is underscored by its training on vast datasets, delivering medical-grade results trusted by healthcare professionals. With aspirations to achieve EU MDR 2a compliance post-funding, the company aims to further enhance its credibility and impact in the med-tech industry.

Crucially, the company is committed to making cutting-edge heart monitoring technology affordable, ensuring that it is within reach for a broader population. Med-Tech World extends its heartfelt congratulations to the team for their exceptional innovation, collaborative teamwork, and demonstrated traction. As the organisation continues its journey in advancing at-home heart monitoring, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact this technology will have on preventive heart monitoring and the overall well-being of individuals. 

Kardi AI heart monitoringChampioning Preventive Medicine 

Med-Tech World has always been a platform that celebrates innovation in healthcare technology, and the organisation perfectly aligns with our commitment to advancing the field. Their unique approach utilizes commercially available wearable heart monitors and mobile phones for early diagnosis, making preventive heart monitoring accessible to individuals worldwide.

For more information about KARDI AI, visit their website here.

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