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20th September 2023

Labena Ventures to host their Demo Day at Med-Tech World Summit 2023

Labena Ventures is a leading pre-seed and seed-stage corporate accelerator in Central and Eastern Europe, focusing on nurturing innovations in healthcare, medicine, biotechnology, and related fields, offering startups access to over €100 million in funds. They’re set to take on one of our stages at the Malta Med-Tech World Summit with an impressive lineup of groundbreaking start-ups that are poised to reshape the future of healthcare. These innovative companies span a wide range of fields within the medical and technology sectors, and each one promises to make a significant impact on the industry. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from their start-up showcase at Med-Tech World Summit, with the top two start-ups being rewarded with a variety of opportunities, including financial incentives. 

  1. Perun Lab: Revolutionizing DNA Research

Perun Lab is changing the game in DNA research with its innovative, portable DNA amplification machine. This technology allows for field research, and the specialized plates within the machine enable a multitude of reactions, empowering laboratories and researchers to perform DNA work with unprecedented convenience and mobility.

  1. Synergotron: Pioneering Hybrid Plasma Technology

Synergotron is pioneering Hybrid Plasma Technology, offering a multi-modal approach to healthcare that promises high ROI. Dr. Sc. Emil Barić, a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur, spearheads Synergotron’s business development, bringing a unique blend of scientific acumen and market-savvy essential for transformative healthcare ventures.

  1. CyberMedico Clinic: Revolutionizing Telemedicine

CyberMedico Clinic, led by CEO Sasho, pioneers healthcare with telemedicine and live monitoring. The platform offers swift, affordable consultations with top specialists and includes 24/7 ICU-level monitoring, contributing to the vision of healthcare democratization.

  1. eDoktor: Well-being Platform for Employees

eDoktor addresses workplace well-being by providing accessible mental health and general practitioner support for employees and their families. This cost-effective platform fosters higher productivity and employee happiness, reducing staff turnover.

  1. CAPTEC Medical: Fighting Metastasis and Blood Cleansing

CAPTEC Medical fights metastasis using its proprietary tumor cell capture technology and purifies virus, bacteria, fungi, and leukemia cells from the blood.

  1. FilamenTech Inc.: Reshaping Heart Disease Drug Discovery

FilamenTech Inc. is on a mission to revolutionize heart disease drug discovery through innovative in silico solutions and real-world data analysis, reshaping drug development approaches.

  1. International Pet Advice Ltd.: Vetzy App for Pet Parents

Vetzy app helps pet parents eliminate stress to their furry friends by enabling them to call a vet 24/7 via video call without booking.

  1. Infinity Diagnostics: Pioneering Genetic Testing through AI and ML

Infinity Diagnostics pioneers genetic testing through AI and ML for faster, more accurate, and affordable results. Their innovative software provides comprehensive genetic insights, advancing precision medicine.

  1. Apiotix Technologies: Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics

Apiotix Technologies is dedicated to the R&D of natural products as antimicrobial alternatives to improve the health of people, animals, plants, and their shared environment, reducing the use of antibiotics in the animal health industry.

  1. Innovation Dooel: ViewECG for Heart Monitoring

Innovation Dooel brings ViewECG, a certified medical device for heart monitoring.

  1. Anbiome Life Science: Transforming Cancer Therapy Side Effects Management

Anbiome Life Science is a biotech startup specializing in fermentation-based technology and the development of a novel bioactive compound that transforms the management of cancer therapy side effects. Founded by pharmaceutical and business specialists with over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and more than 100 products launched combined.

Exploring the Med-Tech Horizon: Join Us at the Med-Tech World Summit!

Mark your calendar for an unparalleled experience this October at the Med-Tech World Summit in Malta. Set sail into the future of Medical Technology, Digital Health, and the revolutionary impact of AI on healthcare. This prestigious event brings together eminent researchers and trailblazing minds for a transformative journey. Dive into a series of anticipated networking sessions, enlightening conferences, and an expansive expo floor showcasing leading exhibitors and groundbreaking start-ups.

While awaiting the event, stay updated on the latest trends in medical technology. Stay at the forefront with instant updates and dive into engaging feature articles nestled within the pages of the newest edition of BLOCK Magazine.