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29th May 2023

Lifeblood and Med-Tech World Summit forge partnership to connect MedTech visionaries

Lifeblood, a distinguished talent acquisition firm specialising in MedTech Startups, has recently forged a strategic partnership with Med-Tech World Summit

The collaboration between these two entities aims to cultivate a culture of collaboration while unifying the dynamic MedTech community. By harnessing the power of this partnership, Lifeblood and Med-Tech World Summit are paving the way for groundbreaking innovation, substantial investment, and exponential growth within the industry.

Giovanni Lauricella, Founder of Lifeblood.

At the forefront of this alliance lies the objective of facilitating invaluable connections between industry-leading CEOs and visionary investors operating within the MedTech landscape. Esteemed figures from across the globe will be cordially invited to the captivating shores of Malta, an idyllic Mediterranean nation that has rapidly emerged as a hotbed for ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. Capitalising on Malta’s burgeoning reputation as an innovation hub, Lifeblood Capital and Med-Tech World Summit are poised to unlock a realm of unprecedented opportunities for this esteemed industry.

Giovanni Lauricella, a visionary leader and the esteemed founder of Lifeblood, emphasises the profound significance of community and collaboration within the dynamic MedTech industry. He asserts, “The MedTech industry and its vibrant community are truly exceptional. It is a conscious choice and a resolute calling to contribute to the advancement of hardware and software innovation that revolutionises healthcare. Distinguishing ourselves from the realms of high-tech and biopharma, our unwavering commitment to the MedTech domain is unmistakable. Thus, fostering a robust sense of community becomes an imperative, propelling our collective growth and igniting the drive for unity.”

In addition to extending exclusive invitations to top-tier CEOs and discerning investors, Giovanni and his highly accomplished team are spearheading a recruitment drive for startups, culminating in a pitch competition that epitomises the enthralling future of our healthcare systems. This eagerly anticipated event will serve as a platform for ambitious MedTech startups, affording them a coveted opportunity to showcase their cutting-edge technologies, forge pivotal connections with esteemed investors and mentors, and bask in the limelight of potential customers and strategic partners. By strategically selecting Malta as the distinguished host of this event, Lifeblood and Med-Tech World Summit are committed to providing startups with an unparalleled opportunity to tap into the island nation’s burgeoning innovation ecosystem, seamlessly gaining access to invaluable resources, funding channels, and unwavering support.

Giovanni proceeded to elaborate on the intricate process of building and commercialising medical technology, a journey that demands the active engagement of a diverse array of indispensable stakeholders, including innovators, teams, investors, hospital systems, clinicians, service providers, corporate strategics, patients, and other pivotal contributors.

In recognition of this multifaceted ecosystem, Lifeblood and Med-Tech World Summit are resolutely committed to establishing robust support systems and fostering an environment teeming with networking opportunities, harmoniously uniting the entire MedTech community.

“Our focus is assembling an innovation ecosystem that brings together the key stakeholders on this beautiful island of Malta with the goal of sparking relationships, connections, and partnerships,” said Giovanni. “I look forward to seeing you in Malta and helping you get where you would like to go.”

Commenting on this partnership, Dylan Attard CEO of Med-Tech World Summit commented saying “I am thrilled to announce our partnership with Lifeblood, a groundbreaking collaboration that will ignite new opportunities for the medtech industry. This strategic alliance reflects our shared vision to connect and empower medtech visionaries worldwide.

Dr. Dylan Attard chosen as a mentor for the Labena Ventures Accelerator Program.
Dr. Dylan Attard, CEO at Med-Tech World Summit

Together, we will foster an environment of innovation, collaboration, and growth. By leveraging Lifeblood’s successes and connections within the med-tech industry, we will continue to foster networking, connections, and the development and adoption of transformative medical technologies.

This partnership represents a powerful synergy, ensuring that the brightest minds in medtech have the resources, support, and opportunity they need to revolutionise healthcare. Healthcare’s future is brighter than ever, thanks to this game-changing collaboration.”

In conclusion, this groundbreaking partnership heralds an era of unparalleled excitement and unrivaled prospects for the MedTech industry. It represents an extraordinary opportunity for all individuals involved, serving as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and the unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Med-Tech World Summit in Malta: Join us

Make sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming Med-Tech World Summit in Malta, scheduled for October 19th to 20th. This highly anticipated summit will offer a platform for further exploration and discussion of cutting-edge advancements in the field of medical technology, fostering collaboration and shaping the future of healthcare.