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28th October 2022

Looking back: the top highlights from previous Med-Tech World Summits

Med-Tech World Summits provide an excellent opportunity for innovators, industry leaders and changemakers in health technology to share insights and innovations in the industry, allowing for the fusion of ideas and accelerating change.

Leading changemakers from across the world are hand-picked by the team, focusing on diverse topics in medical technology. It’s an exciting opportunity to be part of the conference hub, tuning in to interesting discussions on critical topics in the industry, as well as an excellent source of first-hand information and the latest news in the industry.

Looking back, we’ve had some quality features over the past years. Preferring to let our previous achievements do the talking for us, keep reading to find out some interesting takes, memorable quotes, and fascinating reveals from across our latest events.

Transcending country boundaries; live surgical advice from Malta to Serbia – Ruthy Kaidar, Director, Health Industry Sector, Central & Eastern Europe Microsoft / Med-Tech Malta 2021

Ruthy Kaidar is the Director of the Health Industry Sector for Central and Eastern Europe at Microsoft. In a talk at Med-Tech Malta in 2021, Ruthy discussed how medical technologies transcend geographic and national boundaries to meet crucial health needs. Looking back, her speech is in line with her work at Microsoft, where she helps bring innovative health startups and products to life on a larger scale.

Which pharmaceutical company is getting right in digital health? – Sara Schmachtenberg, Galen Growth / Med-Tech Malta 2021

Med-Tech Malta had the pleasure to host Dr Sara Schmachtenberg, the head of Data and Analytics at Galen Growth, a company that analyses digital companies to discover and determine growth opportunities. “We are going full-scale into digital health,” she noted, “and pharmaceutical companies must find ways to navigate the system.” In her presentation, Sara presented the results of analyses of several partnerships between pharmaceutical companies to show which partnerships are forward-facing and goal oriented. Classifying each company into one of four quadrants based on strategic fit and ventures, she provided important insight into the evolution of pharmaceutical companies.

Maltese Digital Health Pioneer – Adrian Attard Trevisan, CEO Umana & 3 Capital Ventures / Med-Tech Malta 2021

Med-Tech World brings leading companies and innovative start-ups together to share ideas and opportunities. In an interview with Maria Debrincat, Adrian Attard Trevisan, CEO of Umana & 3 Capital Ventures, shared his thoughts and insights on the evolution of the digital health ecosystem. “Digital health puts the patient and the medical professional at the centre of the whole ecosystem. We are just at the tip of the iceberg,” he said while commenting on the evolution of digital health.


It’s time to talk about Precision Health – Innocent Clement, CEO CIBA / Med-Tech Dubai 2022

Precision health is an evolving field in med-tech that aims to personalize the approach to providing healthcare to patients. In his keynote speech, ‘It’s Time to Talk About Precision Health’ at our Dubai event, CIBA CEO Innocent Clement explored personalization, AI & machine learning, remote patient monitoring, precision decision support, and predictive analytics.

Managing healthcare relationships with patients – Ardy Arianpour, CEO Seqster / Med-Tech Malta 2021

In a session with Ardy Arianpour, CEO and Co-Founder of Seqster, reveals how new technologies can improve the patient’s relationship with their physicians. Ardy Arianpour is a forward-thinking innovator and visionary, having founded Seqster, an award-winning SaaS platform committed to helping healthcare organizations make more sense of their data.

Having been named in San Diego Business Journal’s 40 under 40, SD500 Most Influential Leaders, and MM&M’s Top 40 Healthcare Transformers, Ardy’s presence at the summit was an exquisite one.

Artificial Intelligence and Augmentation of Surgical Performance – Dr Amin Madani / Med-Tech Americas 2022

Dr Amin Madani is a physician-scientist with experience performing surgeries on endocrine glands and in the abdomen. Working with other surgeons, data scientists, and a wide range of disciplines, Dr Madani is helping advance the incorporation of AI into surgical care. In his talk at Med-Tech Americas in Toronto this year, Dr Madani explores the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence. Comparing the operating room to a cockpit with several Ai-driven tools to guide the pilot, Madani discussed the importance of harnessing surgical data to improve surgical practice and outcomes.

Multisensory Manifesto: Admirable Consequences – Alistair Pernigo / Med-Tech Serbia 2022

Alistair Pernigo is a Digital Scent Technology Specialist and CEO at Smille. This health-tech startup works to digitalize the sense of smell. At Smille, they aim to incorporate digital aroma technology into healthcare. In his keynote speech, Alistair Pernigo explored how a wearable device that monitors olfactory sensation (smell) can help medical practitioners detect health issues early.

Next Stop, The Healthcare Metaverse – Dr Jane Thomason, Chair of the Board at Kasei Holdings / Med-Tech Dubai 2022

In this panel session moderated by Dr Jane Thomason, Board Chair at Kasei Holdings, experts in NFTs and the metaverse discussed opportunities in the metaverse for improving healthcare outcomes. In this expert session, several new developments were highlighted, such as using AR (augmented reality) for optimized patient consultations, training healthcare personnel to utilize the metaverse, international collaborations, and building a ready infrastructural base for healthcare in the metaverse.

The speakers also explored potential challenges in implementing healthcare in the metaverse, highlighting important areas for improvement and capacity development.

Wearables are disrupting healthcare – Joao Bocas, CEO of Digital Salutem / Med-Tech Malta 2022

It’s always an exciting experience having several innovators and leaders sharing perspectives on topics related to their field. In this panel session, Joao Bocas, CEO of Digital Salutern, and four digital experts and CEOs discussed the importance of wearables in healthcare monitoring.

Present at the session were Lorandt Fölkel, a Global Business Consultant at Würth Elektronik; Alexander Tomic, CEO of ALEA, a company providing digital solutions for clinical trials; Tanya Colonna, CEO and Founder of Oro Muscles BV, a manufacturer of wearables for athletes; and Alessandro Galloppini, a Senior Biomedical Engineer at Umana Medical Technologies.

The Digital Twin – Dr Simon J. Sonntag, CEO Virtonomy / Med-Tech Malta 2021

In his keynote address, Dr Simon J. Sonntag, CEO of Virtonomy, presented a new solution for helping scientists carry out clinical trials safely and with minimal effect on human subjects. Virtonomy is upending the process of drug development and deployment by developing a new way to test drugs and medical devices on human subjects – just not on humans. With virtual patients created by Virtonomy’s web-based solution, drug and medical device developers can test new devices more efficiently.

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