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5th July 2024

Malta to host experts for WHO’s 2025 Third Symposium on Digital Health

“I welcome this news where once again, our country will be at the forefront of initiatives for the health sector.”

– Hon. Jo Etienne Abela, Malta’s Minister for Health and Active Ageing 

Malta has been selected by a delegation in Denmark to host next year’s Third Symposium of the World Health Organization (WHO) on digital health systems, a move that highlights the island’s leadership in the Healthcare-MedTech sector. 

Malta will remain at the forefront of the digital health innovation wave

The Third Symposium of the World Health Organization (WHO) on digital health systems, scheduled for next year, will bring together clinical professionals, policymakers, and private sector leaders from across the WHO European Region in Malta.

The agreement was reached during meetings in Denmark between Malta’s Minister for Health and Active Ageing, Jo Etienne Abela, and WHO Regional Director Hans Kluge, alongside WHO Executive Council directors.

“I welcome this news where once again, our country will be at the forefront of initiatives for the health sector,” said Minister Abela.

The minister further commented that Malta is backing the WHO’s digital health initiatives. The island, with WHO’s help, is creating a Digital Health Strategy. This strategy, set to open for public feedback later this year, aims to outline the vision for the sector through 2030.

This announcement further amplifies Malta’s robust economic performance, showcasing its impressive growth and stability within the euro area, as reported by experts earlier this year. 

About WHO and Digital Health

“Technology can appear impersonal, but it has a unique ability to support and bind human beings as families and societies.”

– Ellen Trane Nørby, Minister for Health, Denmark (2019)

The World Health Organization embraces the profound impact of digital technologies on daily life, underscoring their integral role in connecting the global population. Despite unprecedented innovation in the digital sphere, there remains vast untapped potential to leverage these advancements for improving public health.

Based on the WHO Global Strategy on Digital Health—adopted in 2020 as a roadmap to leverage digital health innovations—attendees of the 2024 Third Symposium in Malta can anticipate discussions on boosting national capabilities through collaborative learning and curriculum-based digital health training. The event also ought to highlight fostering intergovernmental collaboration to facilitate the adoption and effective management of digital health solutions.

Key objectives include developing benchmarking tools and assessment frameworks for digital health solutions, as well as strategies to address ethical, legal, and governance challenges such as data privacy and security within the digital health environment.

About Hon. Jo Etienne Abela

Hon. Jo Etienne Abela wears many hats, seamlessly transitioning between roles in politics and medicine. In 2022, he assumed the role of Malta’s Minister for Active Ageing, adding to his already impressive portfolio of achievements and responsibilities.

“The people who know me know I have a restless mind. The status quo is a challenge posed to us to always improve.”

Dr. Abela also specialises as a surgeon focusing on upper gastrointestinal and pancreatic surgeries. He is actively engaged in research and has made significant contributions as a speaker at the MedTech Malta Summits in 2022 and 2023. 

His involvement underscores his dedication to promoting collaboration between local and global healthcare innovators, nurturing the development of new ideas and advancements in the field.

Read more about him and other MedTech topics in BLOCK magazine.

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