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1st November 2023

MDIA Launches the European Digital Innovation Hub’s Community Catalyst

In an exciting development for Malta’s digital horizon, the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) recently unveiled the “Community Catalyst.” Through this initiative, MDIA has embarked on the establishment of DiHubMT, positioning it as Malta’s primary European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH). Designed to operate under the core principles of transparency, openness, and non-discrimination, DiHubMT primarily aims to support and nurture small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), small midcaps, and public sector organizations. This hub is a testament to MDIA’s commitment to Malta’s digital future and showcases its potential contribution to Europe’s wider digital innovation narrative.

During the announcement, MDIA’s CEO, Mr. Kenneth Brincat, took the stage to provide a detailed look into the multifaceted services that DiHubMT plans to introduce. His enlightening discussion was further enriched by Mr. Bernard Montebello, the Head of the European Digital Innovation Hub. Montebello seamlessly placed the service catalogue in the broader framework of EU policies and directions. The day was punctuated with insightful fireside chats exploring the nuances of innovation, as well as a panel diving deep into the realms of high-performance computing and the evolving start-up scene.

A hallmark of DiHubMT is its Digital Entrepreneurship Support Services. This pillar not only facilitates the digital and green transformations of businesses but also places emphasis on Malta’s inherent strengths in AI, Cybersecurity, and High-Performance Computing (HPC). Furthermore, entrepreneurs and startups can look forward to a comprehensive Pilot Entrepreneurship Programme. Encompassing an incubator, pre-accelerator, and accelerator, this program is complemented by specialized services that guide businesses in accessing crucial finance opportunities.

Another pivotal offering is the ‘Test before Invest’ service. This entails the provision of a state-of-the-art High-Tech Workspace, where businesses can experiment and test a range of groundbreaking technologies. From AI to Cybersecurity, from Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to 3D Printing, and extending to Drones and Robotics, this workspace is a technological playground.

In recognizing the ever-growing importance of digital literacy, DiHubMT is also heavily investing in Digital Skills and Training Development. These initiatives aim to drive cross-sector upskilling and reskilling, offering short-term training courses, apprenticeship schemes, and a unique train-the-trainer programme.

On the networking front, DiHubMT is championing Innovation Ecosystems and Networking. The hub ardently promotes the concept of Innovation Communities and is actively laying the groundwork for robust collaborations. By partnering with the Digital Transformation Accelerator, the European network of EDIHs, and other key stakeholders, DiHubMT envisions a future of seamless knowledge exchange and shared best practices.

Lastly, the Digital Innovation Policy & Strategy service has been designed to play a pivotal role in policy implementation. It aspires to act as the bridge between the private sector, the European Commission, and the Government. This collaboration hopes to encourage evidence-driven policymaking, ensuring that Malta’s digital strategies are both informed and impactful.

DiHubMT’s strategic focus can be understood through its prioritized fields: Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, High-Performance Computing, Augmented and Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Drones, and Robotics. For those eager to explore further, the DiHubMT Official Service Catalogue offers a comprehensive overview. More insights and updates can be found on the official DiHubMT website.

The MDIA invites all to partake in this revolutionary journey. By registering for free, individuals and businesses alike can join this thriving digital community and help shape Malta’s vibrant digital future.