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10th October 2022

MED-IN Pharma at Med-Tech World Summit.


A conference led by Malta Medicines Authority during this year’s Med-Tech World Summit. 

Med-Tech World will join forces with the Malta Medicines Authority under the patronage of the Hon. Joe Etienne Abela Minister for Active Ageing to provide an academic component to this year’s Med-Tech World Summit under the umbrella event, Med-In Pharma.

Honorable Minister, Dr. Jo-Etienne Abela.

Med-In Pharma, held over two days in November, the 17th and 18th will be sharing valuable insights across the multiple technological advances within healthcare. These include advances in minimally invasive surgery, the threat of new technologies to the future of open surgery, new pharmacological interventions including pharma 4.0, robotic interventions and more. The agenda is complemented by poster presentations of original research within the same field which enables attendees to know what is current within academia and where the future lies.

Apart from the already overwhelming interest by attendees, a number of key international practitioners and speakers will be taking to the stage in a series of keynotes, discussions and on-stage debates. These include Prof Ferdinand Serracino-Inglott Greater Manchester University Hospitals, UK, Mr Manish Chand of University College London Hospital, Mr Euan Dickson Glasgow Royal Infirmary, UK  and Dr Christoph Herwig Vienna University of Technology. Local experts with international recognition will also be among the speakers including Dr Kelvin Cortis Mater Dei Hospital, Malta, Mr Alexander Attard Mater Dei Hospital, Malta and Prof Godfrey LaFerla Dean, Faculty of Medicine & Surgery, University of Malta. 

Prof Anthony Serracino Inglott, Chairperson of the Malta Medicines Authority, Over the years we have built the Malta Medicines Authority as one of the leading regulatory bodies in Europe. We recently have re-affirmed this through regulation of pharmaceutical products and looking to increase our presence in the medical device industry. I believe that through conferences such as this, we can increase awareness about what is happening in the industry and can showcase why Malta

Professor Anthony Serracino Inglott, Malta Medicines Authority Chairperson

is becoming a powerhouse in regulation. I also think that a scientific component through the presentation of research is essential, and that is why a scientific poster presentation will feature in Med-In Pharma to allow researches to show their work in an international forum to stimulate innovation.

Members of the scientific community practicing in the field of medicine, surgery, dentistry, pharmacy and applied sciences are invited to prepare abstracts related to innovative techniques in medicine, surgery and dentistry enabling technologies, smart factory and future trends in pharmacy and applied sciences for submission to the scientific committee of the Med-In Pharma 2022 Conference. Abstracts which have been accepted by the scientific committee may be presented as a poster. Submissions considered to be of high quality may be selected for an oral communication. Participants are invited to submit abstracts by 26 th November 2022 by e-mail to [email protected].

Dr. Dylan Attard, Med-Tech World Summit CEO.

“Hosting Med-In Pharma at Med-Tech World is the last piece we needed to affirm Med-Tech World as Europe’s go-to conference on med-tech and digital health this November. We’ve wanted to involve the Pharmaceutical Industry as much as possible as we seek to promote collaborations between med-tech, digital health and the pharmaceutical industry. Having Malta Medicines Authority as one of our main partners will definitely be aiding our cause in our quest to invite healthcare professionals from across different industries” – Dr. Dylan Attard, Med-Tech World Summit CEO.


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