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18th May 2023

Med-Tech Roadshow in London set to unite visionaries in the heart of digital health innovation

Discover groundbreaking advancements and connect with industry leaders at the Med-Tech Roadshow in London

The much-anticipated Med-Tech roadshow is set to take place in the vibrant city of London on Monday, May 22nd, 2023. This exciting networking event is poised to offer attendees a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders, gain valuable insights, and explore cutting-edge advancements in the field of medical technology.

In partnership with the esteemed Med-Tech World Summit, renowned YouTube Health, and globally acclaimed StartUp Health, the roadshow has attracted an impressive lineup of internationally recognised entrepreneurs, investors, and top professionals from the industry. This collaboration ensures a platform where attendees can engage with inspirational figures and access premium expertise.

Key attendees and discussions

Dr. Vishaal Virani, Head of UK Health, YouTube.

The upcoming Roadshow is proud to announce the participation of two esteemed industry experts, Dr. Vishaal Virani from Youtube Health and Logan Plaster from StartUp Health. These prominent figures will be sharing their wealth of knowledge and experiences with attendees, adding immense value to the event.

Dr. Vishaal Virani, Head of UK Health at Youtube, brings a unique perspective to the roadshow. With a background in healthcare strategy consulting and a deep understanding of due diligence for private equity firms, corporate strategy at hospitals, and medical technology companies, Dr. Virani’s expertise is highly regarded.

His involvement with leveraging digital health to enhance patient outcomes has been instrumental in his role at Youtube. Dr. Virani’s contributions have been integral to the success of the roadshow, and attendees can look forward to his insights during the “Google & Youtube Health. What have they been up to?” segment, scheduled to begin at 19:05 following the welcoming comments.

Logan Plaster, the Chief Content Officer of StartUp Health, will also be bringing a wealth of diverse knowledge to the roadshow. With expertise in healthcare, technology, entrepreneurship, and emergency medicine, Plaster’s 15 years of experience make him a valuable addition to the event.

StartUp Health, known for building a global innovative ecosystem for healthcare solutions, has supported numerous startups from around the world. Plaster will take the stage after the “Google & Youtube Health. What have they been up to?” segment, presenting StartUp Health’s latest updates and innovations, particularly focusing on their platform, Health Transformer University. Additionally, he will conduct on-stage interviews that delve into the industry’s top trends and strategies.

Engaging fireside chat featuring StartUp Health’s enrolled startups

Logan Plaster, the Chief Content Officer of StartUp Health
Logan Plaster, Chief Content Officer, StartUp Health.

In addition to the captivating insights already mentioned, an enlightening fireside chat awaits attendees at the Med-Tech Roadshow, featuring a curated selection of startups that have joined the prestigious StartUp Health program. This exclusive session on the main stage will shine a spotlight on the innovative ventures that StartUp Health has onboarded in the UK.

During the fireside chat, industry experts and representatives from StartUp Health will engage in a dynamic discussion, providing valuable insights into the enrolled startups and their groundbreaking contributions to the healthcare ecosystem. This exceptional opportunity will showcase the entrepreneurial spirit and transformative ideas of these promising UK-based startups.

Among the participants is Wendy Powell, the CEO and founder of MUTU, a company offering fully guided and proven effective short workouts to address common issues faced by pregnant, new, and long-time mothers. Their focus on healing Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor health, alleviating back pain, and strengthening the core demonstrates their exceptional abilities.

Dave Stapleton will also present his organisation, BUA Fit, which aims to build and support a community for group outdoor fitness. They leverage the growing trend of exercising in groups outdoors, amplifying the experience and enhancing the sense of community.

Dr. Katherine Barnard will pitch her organisation, Spotlight AQ, leveraging her renowned expertise in psychosocial factors related to chronic illnesses such as diabetes. Their mission is to provide physicians with a deeper understanding of the psychological context to enhance the care of individuals living with chronic conditions.

Lastly, Rob Stephenson will introduce his concept, FormScore, a real-time measure of performance readiness that analyses key factors influencing employee well-being and performance. This innovative tool provides valuable insights to optimize performance in the workplace.

Med-Tech Roadshow highlights London’s thriving ecosystem

Known for its rapid emergence as a digital health and med-tech hub, London, is the ideal location for this event. The city’s thriving start-up ecosystem, coupled with its renowned research institutions and top-tier hospitals, presents abundant prospects for entrepreneurs and investors in these sectors. Additionally, the UK’s robust regulatory framework and access to exceptional talent further enhance its appeal as a destination for companies seeking to establish a foothold in the European market.

The networking evening hosted by the Med-Tech World Summit, Youtube Health, and StartUp Health holds immense value for individuals interested in the med-tech and digital health fields. Attendees can anticipate unparalleled networking opportunities, staying abreast of the latest industry trends and innovations, and exploring avenues for collaboration and investment within one of the world’s fastest-growing industries.

For more information about the Med-Tech Roadshow visit Med Tech World.

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