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9th November 2022

Med-Tech World to host Medical Technology in Small States Conference

Malta’s healthcare system, under the guidance of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Mr Chris Fearne, has made great strides over the past 9 years. Aided by organisations such as Med-Tech World with the modernisation and decentralization of its healthcare services to the internationally acclaimed way of handling the COVID-19 pandemic, Malta has been recognized by international institutions, such as the World Health Organisation, as a country that offers its citizens an excellent level of care.  

The Deputy Prime Minister, however, has taken a further step and is ushering Maltese healthcare into the digital era. Malta endorses the use of digital systems and electronic health information in its healthcare policies to facilitate and improve the services offered to patients. In fact, in recent years, notwithstanding the obstacles of the pandemic, the big shift towards digital within the Maltese healthcare system has remained a constant priority.

As a keen believer in digitalisation and the utilization of modern technologies in healthcare systems, DPM Chris Fearne, within the ever-growing Malta Med-Tech World Summit, has invited Health Ministers from small States to join the discussion on how these states, despite their size, can invest in medical technology to improve their services.

Health Ministers from Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamaas, Belize, Seychelles, Barbados, Maldives and Montenegro will be flying in to participate in this discussion, to learn from each other’s experiences as small states and to push towards more innovation and collaboration.

Dr. Dylan Attard – Surgical Trainee at MDH & Med-Tech World Summit CEO

These last few months have been very positive for me. Leading Med-Tech World and connecting the digital health industry were challenges that I’ve taken head-on, especially based in a country still in its early phase of tech adoption. Having a background in a medical and surgical career has helped me in a lot of ways, as I’ve lived through the issues that tech can solve.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve seen so much progress to the point where I’m confident that Malta will be one of the main players in the health tech industry by the end of the decade. Whilst not tooting my own horn, Med-Tech World has played a key role in connecting people and more so showing the rest of the world that Malta means business. Join us next week and get updated with the latest trends and advances within digital health and med-tech. 

Dr. Ryan Grech – Health Tech Advisor at Med-Tech World Summit

The initiative being taken by the Ministry of Health is an important one because collaboration is key for future success in healthcare. Having trained in more than one country over the past decade I can certainly affirm the idea that cooperation between different institutions will benefit humanity. Health is universal, and so it should never be a competition on who gets it best rather it should be an alliance between countries striving for the same goal.

This is especially true where digitalisation happens which risks increasing the disparity of health provision not only between countries but also across generations/tech literacy. This is ultimately the mindset we also use at Med-Tech World where we strive for equal representation and equal opportunity from across the globe.


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