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20th May 2024

MedTech World & Barcelona Health Hub present: The Health Revolution Congress

“A massive shoutout to everyone who made the MedTech World Barcelona Roadshow 2024 at the Health Revolution Congress by Barcelona Health Hub an incredible success!”

– Dylan Attard, CEO, MedTech World

Last Thursday, Barcelona Health Hub and MedTech World hosted the Health Revolution Congress at the historic Hospital of Sant Pau. Health experts and peers gathered to discuss MedTech, healthcare, and social responsibility. The event, held at the UNESCO-recognised site, was a resounding success, enhancing the vibrant community spirit.

Inside the Health Revolution Congress

Last Thursday, Barcelona Health Hub and MedTech World came together to host this year’s Health Revolution Congress. Health experts, patient care leaders, and a host of colleagues and friends gathered to discuss MedTech, its role in healthcare, life balance, and social responsibility.

The event took place at the stunning Hospital of Sant Pau, a modernist masterpiece. Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, the hospital served patients until 2009 before undergoing restorations. It now stands as a museum and historical site, just a 10-minute walk from La Sagrada Familia, making it a perfect venue for the congress.

MedTech World, renowned for championing the pivotal role of startups in healthcare, showcased this commitment once again with an exciting Pitch Competition, spotlighting the latest innovations in the industry.

“Grateful to all the innovative startups for their inspiring pitches and to our esteemed judges for their invaluable support,”

stated MedTech World CEO Dylan Attard. “Without you, yet another exciting edition of the Pitch Competition wouldn’t have been possible!”

The event featured inspiring tech showcases led by key opinion leaders, including Francesca Wuttke, Ana Garcia Poyo, Andrew Ortega and Oriol Iborra Egea. Their talks covered trending areas such as AI in healthcare and patient-centric medical technology.

Overall, visiting Barcelona was a tremendous pleasure for hosts, delegates, and speakers, beautifully setting the stage for an inspiring summit in an unbeatable community.

Startup Pitch Winners: Dopavision Claims the Trophy

MedTech World’s strong spirit of solidarity extends to our fellow startups, as evidenced by our commitment to nurturing an inclusive ecosystem. Attendees at the Barcelona Roadshow were treated to a riveting pitch competition, showcasing the brightest and most innovative talents in healthcare as they vied for the spotlight on stage.

After fierce competition, Dopavision emerged victorious!

CEO Mark Wuttke pitched for the company, presenting a groundbreaking approach to myopia management: MyopiaX.

Dopavision is pioneering innovative solutions that target the eye’s innate dopamine pathway using digitally delivered light to address unmet needs in ophthalmology. Their goal is to provide a clinically validated intervention to help combat the global myopia crisis.

MedTech World recognises the pivotal role startups play in shaping not just the healthcare sector, but any industry they enter. Drawing from our own experience in the startup landscape, we understand the challenges and are committed to offering steadfast support to every startup.

Putting the spotlight on the healthcare of tomorrow

A big shout-out goes to the remaining pitchers for their outstanding effort and enthusiasm on stage:

1. OstomyCure

Alo Brake introduced OstomyCure’s revolutionary innovation at the event. Based in Oslo, Norway, OstomyCure is transforming medical technology with its Transcutaneous Implant Evacuation Solution (TIES). This clinical-stage medtech firm is pioneering an implant for ileostomy patients, empowering them to regain control of their lives.

2. Tailor Surgery

Ferran Fillat Gomà, CEO of Tailor Surgery, is pioneering the future of orthopaedic surgery. Their revolutionary 3D digital surgery service offers bespoke patient-specific instruments and implants, transforming orthopaedic procedures. Tailor Surgery delivers comprehensive 3D digital solutions, including personalised instruments and implants tailored to each surgical case.

3. Altum Sequencing

CEO Yanira Heredia, at the helm of Altum Sequencing, showcased solutions aimed at revolutionising cancer care through advanced cancer cell monitoring. Altum Sequencing’s innovative solutions empower patients to track disease progression, while aiding clinicians in making informed treatment decisions regarding timing and methods.

4. NIMBLE Diagnostics

Nimble Diagnostics leads with disruptive technology aimed at enhancing the well-being of cardiovascular disease patients without invasive procedures. This innovation promises to redefine cardiology standards and uplift the quality of life for cardiovascular patients. Co-Founder and CEO Oriol Iborra Egea represented the company in Barcelona.

5. Bitsphi Diagnosis

This startup is a cutting-edge neurotechnology company committed to revolutionising neurodiagnosis. Its CO, Ana Garcia Poyo, showcased how Bitsphi Diagnosis’ tech offerings place the company in the perfect position to lead in neurotechnology, pioneering EEG-powered solutions for diagnosing cognitive disorders.

6. IntelVasc Inc

Cardiovascular disease often goes undetected due to its asymptomatic nature, resulting in up to 65% of patients missing medical check-ups. Andrew Ortega-Verdaguer, CEO & Co-Founder, IntelVasc Inc, showcased the world’s first subcutaneous sensor for remote monitoring of vascular occlusions. 

Pitching in Barcelona after his incredible win at the Dubai Pitch, learn more about Andrew and IntelVasc Inc in this article.

7. Nen

Francesca Wuttke, CEO of nen, impressed with her visionary drug development approach. With 25+ years in commercial, strategic, and transactional sectors, she’s revolutionising pharmaceuticals and biotech. Her history of 150+ successful deals reveals her skill in leveraging scientific and clinical data for commercial value, offering key insights into BD&L and M&A.

8. Dermus 

Miklós Gyöngy leads Dermus, focusing on transforming skin disease treatment, especially for skin cancer. His engineering background and passion for imaging drive innovative approaches. At Dermus, collaboration with healthcare professionals is key, aiming to improve patient outcomes.

9. Horus ML

Jesús Prada Alonso, the pioneering founder of Horus ML, led delegates into healthcare’s future. His company specialises in crafting tailored AI and Machine Learning solutions for the health sector, prioritising research and development in clinical care. The showcase demonstrated Horus ML’s role in spearheading healthcare’s transformation through innovative technology.

MedTech World makes a much anticipated return to London!

Join us on May 29, 2024, for the return of the MedTech World Roadshow in collaboration with Queen Mary University of London.

Perrin Lecture Theatre, Blizard Building, Whitechapel campus, 4 Newark St, London E1 2AT, United Kingdom.