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6th June 2019

Premier Health signs Partnership Agreement with Navigator Genomics™

Partnership will provide Pharmacogenomic testing and medical cannabis educational content to patients

Premier Health Group, a Company focused on developing innovative approaches that combine human skill-based expertise with emerging technologies for the healthcare industry,  has announced it is working with Navigator Genomics (NGT) to provide access to their first-of-its kind Pharmacogenomic Testing for medical cannabis and 416 of the most popularly prescribed medications.

According to a study by Scipher Medicine, 65% of patients prescribed the world’s top five selling drugs didn’t respond to the therapy. NGT’s simple saliva swab testing provides patients, and their healthcare professionals with the patient’s genetic metabolism and ability to effectively utilise both medical cannabis and prescription drugs.
The  report also includes potential drug to drug interactions, inhibitors and
inducers. The tests are sold direct-to-consumer, or to their doctor, and patients will have the option to share the results with their healthcare team which can then be integrated directly into Premier Health’s Juno EMR software and MyHealthAccess app.
Through the telemedicine feature on the app, patients can directly discuss their results with their doctor. NGT will also provide educational material such as news articles, links to fully-vetted cannabis glossaries, videos, webinars, science whitepapers, & chronic medical condition information focused on the very same conditions consumers must have to qualify for medical cannabis directly on Premier Health’s app.
“Personalised medicine, also known as pharmacogenomics, is increasingly impacting drug research and health care technology,” said Dr. Essam Hamza, CEO of Premier Health. “The genetic make-up from patient to patient can vary significantly which can greatly impact the efficacy of different medications including medical cannabis. This individualised approach to medicine allows for a much more tailored and personalised treatment plan. Through our patient-centric app, we are aiming to provide the most robust and advanced health technology and medical information right at the patient’s fingertips. By offering to place NGT test results directly into our Juno EMR and app, we can ensure our patients are prescribed the best medication and avoid those that simply do not genetically work or are possibly harmful. We look forward to expanding our partnership further with NGT over time.”
NGT has agreed to offer a 10% discount on its genetic testing kit to PHG patients and doctors using the following link:
Navigator Genomics™ Testing; Travis Parr – Founder & CEO states, “Medical Cannabis is used by people who have specific chronic medical conditions who wish to reduce their symptoms and the number or doses of prescription drugs they may be taking. Navigator Genomics tests use a simple saliva cheek swab done at home, & our proprietary machine-learning tools provide Actionable Information, reporting each person’s
unique genetic responses for the key cannabinoids found in medical
cannabis simultaneously with 416 of the most popularly prescribed medications.
Besides the recommendations of what drugs and cannabinoids can work best for you, NGT reports on your potential MMJ-Drug-to-Drug interactions. Such interactions can lessen the effectiveness of your medical cannabis, or your prescription drugs and often can cause unwanted side effects. Your results can lead you to receiving ‘personalised medicine’ from
your doctors and dispensaries who can then prescribe what will work best and the medications for you to avoid. Consumers can thus avoid ‘trial and error’ while savingsignificant time and money and improve their overall quality of life.”
“Premier’s Juno EMR and app should significantly improve actionable clinical opportunities for each patient where medical cannabis and prescription drugs are an active part of treatment.