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24th May 2023

The London Roadshow in Retrospect part 2: Start-ups in Healthcare

Logan Plaster, the Chief Content Officer at Startup Health, opened the panel at the Med-Tech World Roadshow in London with a warm welcome and expressed his appreciation for the collaboration between Startup Health, Med-Tech World, YouTube Health, and Malta Enterprise.

He highlighted the importance of relationships and community in the healthcare industry, sharing his personal experience of building connections with professionals in the field.

Startup Health: Revolutionising the future of healthcare

Logan briefly mentioned his background in journalism and the aversion to cliches taught in journalism school. He then discussed his transition to Startup Health, a company focused on building the world’s largest health innovation ecosystem. Startup Health has worked with 500 companies from 29 countries over 11 years, fostering collaboration among ambitious individuals aiming to make a difference in healthcare.

Logan emphasised that transformation in healthcare requires more than just savvy business models. It requires endurance, a long-term commitment to impact, an appreciation for building supportive relationships, and a desire to collaborate.

“Having a savvy business model is undoubtedly crucial—it’s the baseline. However, to truly make a lasting impact, it demands unwavering endurance and an insatiable appetite for making a difference that propels you forward even during the toughest moments. It necessitates cultivating meaningful relationships, fostering a support network, and an unwavering dedication to seeking collaborative opportunities.”

These qualities form the basis of Startup Health’s curriculum, known as the Health Transformer mindset. However, Logan stressed that these mindsets alone are not enough. The key lies in bringing health transformers together, aligning their ambitions and collaborative efforts to achieve the mission of transforming health and well-being worldwide.

Startup Health supports health transformers through coaching, community building, and media amplification. Logan outlined the various ways the company provides assistance, such as weekly office hours, monthly peer circles, quarterly recalibration, and masterclasses. Having primarily operated in the United States, Startup Health is now expanding its presence in the UK, seeking more collaborations and partnerships.

Before introducing the panellists for the discussion, Logan underscored the importance of health transformers who possess an ambition for long-term impact and collaboration. He encouraged the audience to seek out these individuals, partner with them, invest in their initiatives, and work together to achieve substantial and lasting change in the healthcare industry.

Logan Plaster moderating the start-up panel at the London Roadshow
Logan Plaster addressing panellists Wendy Powell, Rob Stephenson, Katherine Barnard and Dave Stapleton

Transforming health through start-ups: Visionary perspectives and collaborative endeavours

Wendy Powell, CEO and Founder, MUTU System

Following Logan Plaster’s insightful introduction, the panel discussion commenced with Wendy Powell, the visionary CEO and Founder of MUTU System. Wendy passionately shared her pioneering digital health platform’s unwavering dedication to women’s core health, sparking a transformative shift in the discourse surrounding women’s health concerns.

She showcased her company’s remarkable offerings of fully guided and scientifically proven short workouts designed to address the specific challenges faced by pregnant, new, and seasoned mothers. With their unwavering focus on healing Diastasis Recti, promoting pelvic floor health, alleviating back pain, and strengthening the core, MUTU exemplifies their exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment to empowering women on their journey to optimal well-being.

“There has been an immense transformation in recent years. There is now an open dialogue about women’s intimate topics, and while significant efforts are being made, particularly with platforms like YouTube, to ensure the credibility of information, there is another aspect to consider. It seems like everyone assumes the role of an expert.”

Rob Stephenson, CEO and Founder, FormScore

Rob Stephenson, the mind behind FormScore, shed light on the burgeoning significance of mental health within the realm of corporate well-being. With a profound understanding of the interconnectedness between well-being and performance, Rob emphasised the crucial need to comprehend the underlying factors that influence employees’ overall well-being and productivity.

FormScore—a cutting-edge, real-time performance readiness measure meticulously analyses the pivotal elements impacting employee well-being and performance. This innovative tool not only provides invaluable insights but also empowers organisations to optimise performance and create a thriving workplace environment.

“We stand at the precipice of a transformative era in corporate well-being. The current discourse revolves around understanding how work impacts our overall well-being. Are we burdening individuals with toxic cultures and unsupportive bosses that hinder psychological safety? Or are we fostering a sense of purpose, meaningful work, flexibility, and empowerment?”

Dr. Katherine Barnard, CSO and Co-founder, Spotlight AQ

Dr. Katherine Barnard, CSO and Co-founder at Spotlight AQ, delved into the intricate dynamics of the doctor-patient communication landscape, shedding light on its profound impact on patient care. With a particular emphasis on the crucial integration of psychosocial health within the healthcare paradigm, Dr. Barnard passionately articulated the imperative to bridge the gap between medical practitioners and patients.

Drawing upon her extensive expertise in psychosocial factors associated with chronic illnesses like diabetes, Dr. Barnard presented Spotlight AQ as a transformative organisation poised to revolutionise healthcare. By equipping physicians with a comprehensive understanding of the psychological context, Spotlight AQ’s mission is to elevate the quality of care provided to individuals living with chronic conditions, fostering improved health outcomes and holistic well-being.

“Across the globe, we are fortunate to have an abundance of exceptional healthcare professionals in every nation. We have individuals who possess incredible expertise and skills, yet often find themselves unable to fully express their care and compassion. That’s where our mission lies: We strive to empower healthcare professionals to deliver exceptional care by shifting the narrative from solely focusing on physical health to embracing the holistic, biopsychosocial approach.”

Dave Stapleton, CEO and Founder, BUA Fit

Dave Stapleton, the visionary behind BUA Fit, captivated the audience with his organisation’s groundbreaking mission to foster a vibrant community centred around group outdoor fitness. BUA Fit harnesses the surging popularity of exercising collectively in outdoor settings, elevating the fitness journey to unprecedented heights while fostering a profound sense of belonging. During his presentation, Stapleton intricately outlined his startup’s ingenious direct-to-consumer marketplace strategy, dedicated to empowering individuals to enhance their mental well-being through the transformative power of outdoor fitness.

With unwavering emphasis, he will underscore the significance of truly understanding the customer and forging meaningful connections between fitness professionals and consumers, leveraging innovative platforms as the catalysts of change. Through BUA Fit’s innovative approach, individuals can embark on a holistic fitness experience that not only revitalises their bodies but also nurtures their minds, ultimately leading to a harmonious state of well-being.

“We facilitate the connection between fitness professionals and consumers through a seamless and dynamic platform, catering to their diverse preferences for in-person, outdoor, and online fitness experiences. By deeply understanding your customers and their unique needs, we bridge the gap between fitness professionals and consumers, ensuring a meaningful and personalised fitness journey for all.”

The panellists shared further insight into their respective fields and provided valuable perspectives on the current landscape of healthcare innovation. The discussion was followed by a question-and-answer session, allowing the audience to engage further with the panellists and delve deeper into the topics discussed.

Med-Tech World Roadshow: Fostering collaboration, catalysing change

The Med-Tech World Roadshow in London was a resounding success, leaving participants inspired and eager for future collaborations. Organised by the diligent team at Med-Tech World, with invaluable contributions from YouTube Health, StartUp Health, and Malta Enterprise, the event provided networking opportunities that opened doors to new connections within the healthcare industry. The enthusiasm among attendees to continue working together showcased a shared commitment to innovation and progress.

As we bid farewell to the remarkable Med-Tech World Roadshow, make sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming Med-Tech World Summit in Malta, scheduled for October 19th to 20th. This highly anticipated summit will offer a platform for further exploration and discussion of cutting-edge advancements in the field of medical technology, fostering collaboration and shaping the future of healthcare.