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13th March 2020

Six women taking over the medical cannabis industry

In light of International Women’s Month, Medical Cannabiz News highlights some successful women who are shaping the medical cannabis industry

 Emily Skrobecki, Founder of CannSTEM

Emily Skrobecki is the Manager of Process Engineering at SōRSE and founder of CannSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math). The latter is an organisation connecting female professionals in the cannabis space. SōRSE is leading the way in developing new and better technologies for integrating cannabis into commercially available consumer packaged goods. Emily is one of the only female chemical engineers in the cannabis industry. What excites her most about the future of cannabis is the seemingly endless opportunities it possesses, especially in the science and medical field. She is eager to learn more about this industry in order to help more and more people every day.

Yvonne DeLaRosa Green, Co-Founder of 99 High Tide

Yvonne DeLaRosa Green, the actress behind NCIS, CSI: Miami, How I Met Your Mother, King of Queens, The Close, Law & Order, Longmire, NYPD Blue, Weedsand more famous TV shows is also the Co-Founder and CEO of 99 High Tide. In 2017, Yvonne became the very first person to receive a cannabis business license in Los Angeles County and was honored for her achievements in cannabis by Industry Power Women, who named her “Business Woman of the Year”. In March of the following year Yvonne was named High Time’s “100 Most Influential People”. She is mostly recognised for being the creator of the world’s very first upscale medical cannabis dispensary, 99 High Art, which was hailed by the `Rolling Stone` as one of the best medical marijuana collectives in California.
Chanda Macias, CEO of Women Grow

Chanda Macias is the Chairwoman of the Board of Managers and CEO for Women Grow. For over 15 years, Dr. Chanda has been driven by her passion for education, bettering the lives of patients, and empowering women and minorities in the industry. She is an accomplished scientist, has a master’s degree in supply chain management, and is also the CEO and the owner of National Holistic a cannabis and hemp healthcare enterprise. She contributed to the launch of several billion-dollar brands. Her innovations have resulted in numerous scientific achievements including publications, compilations, U.S. and Global Patients.

Dr. Cristina Sanchez, Molecular Biologist

Dr. Cristina Sánchez graduated in Biology at Madrid Complutense University in 1994. She has become known for being ahead of her time regarding cannabis research. In the 90s Sanchez discussed the potential effectiveness of CBD as an antioxidant. This is something we now know to be true. Her scientific capability proved to be far more progressive than others at the time. She also makes part of the board of the Spanish Observatory for Medical Cannabis and a prominent speaker at conferences all over the world.
Tracy Ryan, CEO of CannaKids

Tracy Ryan is the CEO and lead consultant for CannaKids and the founder of She has received the Encino Chamber of Commerce’s Diamond of the Community Award for her work as a pediatric health advocate. CannaKids is a California-based cooperative. The main aim of this company is to supply medical cannabis oil to adults as well as children who are looking for holistic relief for serious health conditions, specializing in pediatric cancer. Since her infant daughter’s brain tumor diagnosis in June of 2013, Tracy decided to dedicate a huge part of her life educating herself on medical marijuana to treat her daughter’s disease as well as all other pediatric and adult cancers, epilepsy, autism, and beyond. Tracy Ryan was featured in our latest issue of  cannabiz magazine were she talks about navigating life’s obstacles with grace and determination.
 Hannah Deacon, Medical Cannabis Campaigner

Hannah Deacon is Alfie’s mother. Alfie was the first patient in the UK to receive a permanent cannabis licence due to a very rare form of epilepsy. Prior to medical cannabis treatment, which Hannah campaigned tirelessly for, Alfie used to experience more than 500 seizures a month. Hannah did her best to change UK law and bring in medical cannabis licences.  Now, Alfie, aged eight, lives a relatively normal life thanks to using cannabis oil treatment and Hannah has continued her campaigning efforts. She is also a patient advocate for medical cannabis treatments. You can read more about Hannah’s story in our latest issue of cannabiz magazine.
About Medical Cannabiz World:
In November 2019, Medical Cannabiz World opened its doors to the medicinal cannabis industry, supported by the Maltese government’s commitment to legislation for this high growth sector.  Medical Cannabiz World summit 2020 will focus on the Malta medical cannabis industry as well as global opportunities in the sector, attracting investors, medical researchers, policy makers and entrepreneurs looking to forge exciting new opportunities.