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31st August 2023

Stroke victim miraculously triumphs over ailment with the help of MedTech

In the heart of Prescott Valley lies a cluster of top-tier medical institutions, with Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix standing out as a leader that sets the bar nationally. Banner is among the first three places in the country to offer a novel therapy for stroke victims. This therapy has just been approved by the FDA not long ago.

This breakthrough procedure recently transformed the life of a man from Prescott Valley, giving him a newfound lease on life.

MedTech ingenuity with a stroke of luck

A heart-warming celebration took place at the University Medical Centre, as staff indulged in delectable treats courtesy of a grateful patient. This gesture of gratitude was a testament to the hospital’s success in not only safeguarding 55-year-old Michael John Coe’s livelihood but also preserving his life. Coe’s experience underscored the vital yet often overlooked act of swallowing – a simple action until it becomes an unattainable challenge.

Michael John Coe’s story resonates deeply with those who cherish the joy of taste, especially for a nationally acclaimed master baker like himself. The pleasure of savouring food is not just an ordinary experience for him; it’s entwined with his identity, career, and passion. The aftermath of multiple strokes left him grappling with the loss of this fundamental ability, a situation he likened to feeling perpetually choked.

Coe became the second person at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix to try out a new treatment called pharyngeal electrical stimulation, or PES. This treatment uses a special system called Phagenyx Neurostimulation to help people who have trouble swallowing after a stroke. It helps them get back their ability to eat and drink.

The process was meticulously executed, beginning with threshold testing – determining the point at which patients first sensed the electrical stimulation from the device. This benchmark was tested three times to ensure accuracy. Subsequently, patients underwent a series of trials to gauge their tolerance levels to the electrical pulses, again repeated thrice.

The key to recovery lay in consistency and precision. For ten minutes each day, Coe underwent a rapid pulsing of his oesophagus, effectively reigniting the muscle memory needed for swallowing. Astonishingly, the results were evident almost immediately, with Coe recounting his ability to swallow just ten minutes after his first session. This marked the start of a remarkable journey toward reclaiming his quality of life.

Prescott Valley man miraculously restored from his stroke.
Situated in Yavapai County, Arizona, United States, Prescott Valley is a charming town located roughly 8 miles (13 km) to the east of Prescott.

Coe’s treatment journey spanned six sessions, a standard protocol that significantly bolstered his optimism for the future. The strides made in restoring his swallowing abilities not only rejuvenated his confidence but also serve as a beacon of hope for countless stroke victims facing similar challenges.

Dr. Andrei Alexandrov, a doctor who specializes in the brain’s blood vessels and leads the neurology team at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix, explained that patients like Coe are the reason why this new treatment is really valuable.

“This new therapy was not only crucial for Michael’s well-being, but for his career as a baker as well. The Phagenyx System allows us to offer much more efficient and effective care for these kinds of patients, resulting in better outcomes.”

In a landscape where medical advancements continue to reshape possibilities, Banner University Medical Centre’s achievement stands as a testament to unwavering dedication to patient well-being. As stories like Michael John Coe’s emerge, the intersection of cutting-edge technology and compassionate care promises to inspire and transform lives across the nation.

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