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24th March 2021

Tinder keeps dating alive with free COVID-19 tests

Tinder gave 500 users a pair of free COVID-19 home test kits to keep dating alive during the pandemic

On March 20, online dating app Tinder provided 500 lucky users in the U.S. a pair of free mail-in COVID-19 test kits, one for them and one for their date. The move aims to encourage risk-free dating during the pandemic.
The move hints at the new way of dating as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tinder hopes this initiative will ease people to start in person dating again. In fact, the dating app reports that profiles with people ready to “go on a date” again hit an all-time high last month.
The COVID-19 tests were provided by Everlywell which was first approved by the FDA for emergency use last May. Results are securely emailed within an 24-48 hour frame point of the lab receiving a sample. The test kits themselves can be bought online without a need for a prescription.
Furthermore, Tinder stresses that a negative result isn’t a free pass and couples should take the necessary safety precisions. This includes, wearing masks, meeting outside, and avoiding people before and after the date.

Nicole Parlapiano, Tinder’s vice president of marketing for North America, shared her excitement for the initiative in a statement:

We’re excited to be working with Everlywell to make it easier for our members to go and meet their matches safely,

Tinder report that activity on the app was record-breaking during the pandemic, with a peak of more than 3.4 billion swipes reached on January 3.
Source: The Verge