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8th November 2022

Leading medical technology speakers to headline Med-Tech Europe Summit

Med-Tech World is a global summit that brings together leading companies, startups, investors, healthcare professionals, and the media to share health-tech ideas. Med-Tech offers a platform where healthcare professionals can explore and help shape products that will impact the future of medicine. Here is a list of the leading medical technology speakers to look out for at the upcoming Med-Tech World Summit this November, taking place at the Hilton Hotel, Malta.

Michael Miller: eHealth Expert, World Health Organization

Professor Michael Miller is a member of the World Health Organization’s Digital Health Technical Advisory Group (DHTAG). He is a well-respected international consultant in eHealth, program management, digital transformation, and telemedicine strategy. Professor Miller has worked on the largest eHealth programs across the world. These include NHS England, the Supreme Council of Health in Qatar, Queensland Health in Australia, and the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia. He has also worked on developing an integrated care model in Singapore and an EMR strategy that the Ministry of Health uses in Singapore.

He is currently working on research in the field of chronic disease. He is working on it through his company Care Innovations Corporation. He also works with the Samoan Ministry of Health on a national eHealth program, financed by the Asian Development Bank. He is also working as an assessor for the BCS for FEDIP Registrations. He is the former associate vice chair of Health and Care Executive for the British Computer Society.

Giovanni Lauricella: Managing Partner of Lifeblood Capital

Giovanni Lauricella is the Global Vice President of The Mullings Group (TMG). It is a medical device consulting firm that focuses on taken acquisition, branding, and developmental organization. He connects medtech startups to people, money, and insights.

Giovanni, has a bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Master’s degree in Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs, pharmaceuticals, and biologics. He is also certified by Harvard University. Also known as Mister MedTech, Giovanni has successfully hired 7000+ employees for over five hundred companies in different countries around the world. He has a large MedTech network, raising over $200 million in funding for medtech startups.

Hedva Voliovitch M.D, Ph.D., M.B.A: Chairwoman of the Israeli Society for Health-tech

Hedva Voliovitch is an entrepreneur who connects the BioMed world to the medical community. She is a physician and a specialist in internal medicine. Hedva has a PhD in molecular biology from Weizmann Institute and an MBA in Global Management.

Hedva is an expert in pharmacovigilance and patient safety for generic and branded products. She joined Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries in 1997, establishing a Global Pharmacovigilance unit. The unit was responsible for defining and applying patient safety policies. The unit ensured compliance with local and global regulations in all Teva markets worldwide.

She has served as a member of the Board of Directors for a Trust Fund for Israeli Elementary and Preschool Teachers since January 2018. In 2015, she was appointed Senior Vice President of Global Patient Safety. She managed approximately 450 PhV employees worldwide, most of whom are physicians, pharmacists and nurses.

Khalid Ghaloua Adine: Director of Digital Platforms and Solutions in Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa at Medtronic

Kahlid Adine is a digital healthcare leader. He has extensive and strong experience in managing national healthcare initiatives. He has a significant record of developing trusted client relationships.

Khalid was the head of the ISHEA National Healthcare Information System Program in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is an integrated clinical and administrative solution for primary and secondary care. Khalid Adine has integrated a full health record and information exchange in several regions in Spain, Morocco, Jordan, and other countries.

He is the principal architect of health insurance for Saudi Arabia. He defined the strategy and led the design of the solution representing Etisalat Digital healthcare. Today, he looks after the new EDH unit, develops the market, and contributes to the growth of the eHealth sector. Khalid Adine helps healthcare organizations to change their digital landscape using new technologies and techniques.

Kenneth Brincat: MDIA CEO

He was the Chief Operations Officer at the Malta Business Registry. He was responsible for overseeing the ongoing operations of the agency. He has twenty-one years plus of experience in management. He is the CEO of MDIA and is in charge of decision-making and management of the company.

Kenneth Brincat has excellent people skills and an exemplary work ethic. He is an HR Specialist and focuses on maintaining an employee-oriented culture that promotes high performance. Kenneth has an MSc in Human Resources and is currently working on his doctorate in business administration.

Andy Bleaden: Communities Director – ECHAlliance (European Connected Health Alliance)

Andy Bleaden works at ECHAlliance as the Community Director. He is the director for Ecosystems and Membership at ECH Alliance. He has built a large network with over 850 organizations. Andy has worked in both social care and funding for over twenty-five years. He is currently working in Greater Manchester at Stockport. His specialization includes Adult Social Care, Telehealth, Robotics, Regeneration and Dementia. Since 2013, he has worked as an external expert for the European Commission.

He is a specialist in seeking funding from European commissions and securing transnational partnerships that disrupt digital health. He also works with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. They are working on the new Health KIC. He has been an Urbact Thematic Expert and also an expert in Urban Innovation Actions. Andy Bleaden brings a wealth of experience and skills to his field.

Martyn Eeles: General Partner and Head of Europe of The Global Health Impact Fund

Martyn Eeles is the general partner and director of Global Health Impact Fund (GHIF). He was among the top ten financial advisors in the Bay Area. He was also an executive board member and leadership coach. Martyn is a super-connector that has consulted with many fortune 500 companies. He has worked with them on digital transformation. He is a former mentor for several startups.

He is well-versed in the ability to make businesses become bigger enterprises. Recently, he has focused on mentoring startups in their growth journey.

Dr. Linda Magee OBE: Health Innovation and NHS Specialist at UK Government’s Department for Internal Trade

Linda Magee is the executive director of Industry and Wealth for the Greater Manchester Academic Health Science. Since its initiation in 2009, she has served as the Chief Operating Officer. She then became the Business Development Director in 2013, when MAHSC expanded.

Besides these roles, Linda Magee provides leadership in business, economic development, and industry relations. She is an executive in charge of operations at the NIHR Greater Manchester Comprehensive Local Research Network. She has a PhD in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Southampton. She has an OBE from the Queen for her services to biotechnology.

Jhonatan Bringas Dimitriades: Medical Technology | Digital Health Executive and Advisor | Board Member | Speaker

Jhonatan Bringas is a medical doctor and executive. He works with developers, technologists, medical professionals and patients. His work is to deliver technical and digital solutions to enhance diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and quality of patients’ lives worldwide. He believes in the democratization and digitalization of medicine.

He is one of the co-founders of Lapsi Health, a digital health startup developing digital biomarkers for multiple medical uses. He is CEO of JBD Healthcare, a global consultancy firm on medical technology development and implementation for medical organizations.

He has a Ph.D. in Public Health, Business Strategy and Digital Health. He currently has an appointment as faculty in Digital Health at several universities.

Simon Sonntag: CEO of Virtonomy

Dr. Simon J. Sontagg is the co-founder and CEO of Virtonomy. He has a passion for innovation and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He has over ten years of experience in life science and medical engineering with a large network of clinics, corporates, and universities. He also has experience in leading agile teams and business development. He is into fundraising for medical organizations and building teams that can be effective in the medical industry.


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