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19th October 2023

We want to be at the forefront of tech innovation in the medical sector, says Malta PM Robert Abela

In a keynote delivered on the opening day of the Med-Tech Summit, which took place at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, the Prime Minister of Malta, Robert Abela discussed the government’s vision for the country.

Prime Minister-Malta-MCC
The Prime Minister arriving at the MCC for the Med-Tech World Summit.

“Our goal is very clear, yet it requires much work and naturally also coordination. We want to be at the forefront of technological innovation in the medical sector, but we also understand that for this to be achieved, we need to have a robust ecosystem in place.”

He went on to profess his belief that Malta can be a hub for technological innovation in this industry and the progress that we have registered thus far will serve as a solid foundation to continue building on. One such focus will be continued investment into the country’s healthcare system and the well-being of citizens.

“Our healthcare system is both accessible and free for all and we will continue investing in this sector to ensure we offer the very best services both in terms of availability and quality to all our citizens.

He emphasised the government’s commitment to bolstering free public healthcare and ensuring that each and every individual has access to world class medical care. To achieve this, he concludes, we must keep investing in tech advancements and in our hospitals each and every year.

The Prime Minister of Malta with Med-Tech World co-Founder & CEO, Dr. Dylan Attard.

The government has invested in the health sector, including eHealth services to health data operations and international cooperation in the field. We are, he says, ‘inching closer to a holistic digital transformation’. 

Abela also sees a leap in digital healthcare in the short term future – a vision which intertwines with the broader European aspiration of self-reliance. A vision in which our ecosystem doesn’t merely serve local communities, but where the ‘ripples of innovation and quality resonate throughout Europe and, in the process, enrich lives far and beyond’.

“We look forward to welcoming specialised companies to our shores. Malta is quickly becoming a hub of innovation – a fertile ground where ideas bloom into high-value solutions and where economic growth and human-centric innovation walk hand-in-hand  towards providing the best possible quality of life to all our citizens.”

“Through engagement with specialised companies, we are not just bridging the gap between academia and industry. We are fueling the minds that will shape the med tech narrative for the future. Yes, there will always be challenges, but they are catalysts enabling us to innovate, to collaborate, to transcend boundaries and to plan a future of success, health, and prosperity.”

We are already witnessing world class innovation happening here in Malta, from robotics in surgery to biotech companies working on genomics, he went on to say.

“Investing in MedTech is akin to sowing hope through health, innovation, and empathy, all through the most advanced technologies. In healthcare, digital dialogues open doors to realms where distances completely vanish and quality healthcare is just a heartbeat away. Through AI and digital technology we are not just bringing healthcare closer to our people, we are weaving a safety net of telemedicine that protects our communities in times of need.”

Malta’s agility in responding to the dynamic regulatory landscape is not just a matter of compliance, he explained. It reflects the country’s resolve to ensure that Malta remains at the forefront – offering the right environment where med tech evolution is not just a dream, but rather a living reality. 

“Med tech remains an important cog in the economic wheel, a story of how we, together can steer the helm towards a healthier and more prosperous world.”