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9th June 2021

Apple preview iOS 15 updates for Health app

With iOS 15, users will be able to safely share their data to key people including their family or physician, and receive insights into health trends

On June 8, Apple previewed new consumer health and wellness insights for their Health app as part of iOS 15. The new tools can identify, understand, and quantify fluctuations in a person’s health data, and feature health data sharing, walking steadiness and health trends.
The new features build upon the preexisting health features of the iPhone and Apple Watch.
Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer shared in a statement:

This past year has emphasized the importance of health, and we’re enabling our users to take a more active role in their well-being. We’ve added powerful features that give users the most comprehensive set of insights to better understand their health trends over time. Many people around the world are caring for someone, and we want to provide a secure and private way for users to have a trusted partner on their health journey. We’re excited to bring these innovative tools directly into users’ hands.

Walking steadiness is a new feature which aims to provide insight into fall risk by processing key mobility data as users walk with their iPhone. In addition, the Health app classifies the risk of everyday activities as OK, Low, or Very Low in bid to help users take the necessary precautions.
Privacy is a top priority at Apple and health data is no exception. Apple doesn’t have access to health data when the user shares it with a family member or physician.
The Health app adds trend analysis for 20 types of data, from cardio fitness to sleep, users are able to catch important changes with Trends. The feature captures the information in a way that is easy to process.
Source: Digital Health Global

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