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8th June 2023

Google Cloud X Mayo Clinic partnership redefines healthcare with Generative AI

Mayo Clinic and Google Cloud join forces to revolutionise data retrieval in the healthcare sector. Leveraging Google Cloud’s advanced Gen App Builder, healthcare professionals, including doctors, clinicians, and researchers, can now access clinical information that goes beyond the limitations of traditional search engines.

Insights united towards heightened efficiency

The Enterprise Search on Generative AI App Builder, an integral component of Google Cloud’s generative AI product lineup, empowers organisations to optimise their operations through the creation of customised chatbots and search applications. By seamlessly integrating an organisation’s internal datasets with Google’s cutting-edge search technology and generative AI algorithms, the handling of multimodal data becomes significantly more efficient.

For Mayo Clinic, this collaboration translates into enhanced clinical workflows. Clinical and scientific data, with its diverse range of information encompassing medical history, imaging, genomics, and lab reports, can now be searched and identified with remarkable ease. Cris Ross, Chief Information Officer at Mayo Clinic, emphasises the transformative potential of generative AI, stating, “Google Cloud’s tools have the ability to unlock sources of information that are typically not searchable through conventional means or prove challenging to access and interpret.”

The partnership between Mayo Clinic and Google Cloud heralds a new era in healthcare data retrieval, revolutionising the way professionals work and deliver healthcare services. With the power of generative AI at their fingertips, the possibilities for innovation and advancement are boundless.

Google Cloud is breaking healthcare barriers with Gen App Builder

Mayo Clinic and Google Cloud join forces to revolutionise data retrieval in the healthcare sector.
Unlocking the potential of enterprise search, the Generative AI App Builder from Google Cloud revolutionizes operations for organizations.

In the realm of healthcare, vital information is often scattered across multiple platforms and sources. Google Cloud, however, aims to address this challenge through its innovative Gen App Builder, which unifies data from diverse documents, databases, and intranets. Unlike traditional keyword-based searches, this technology harnesses the power of natural language queries, enabling healthcare professionals to access insights swiftly and seamlessly.

The potential impact of this advancement is profound, with the potential to drive breakthroughs, forge stronger connections with patients, and revolutionise the very fabric of healthcare itself.

As generative AI continues its remarkable ascent, industries across the globe are experiencing its transformative influence. A report by GlobalData in 2021 projects that the global revenue generated by AI platforms in the healthcare sector will surpass $4.3 billion by 2024. With leading players such as Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI making waves with their generative AI platforms, this figure could potentially soar even higher.

While concerns surrounding AI persist, particularly regarding patient confidentiality, it is crucial to note the positive implications for streamlining clinical workflows and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.

Google itself has encountered legal battles, such as the lawsuit involving its AI subsidiary DeepMind and the acquisition of 1.6 million medical records from the NHS, which the company successfully defended. Despite these challenges, the promise of generative AI in transforming healthcare through improved human interactions and automated operations is remarkable, as emphasised by Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian.

Generative AI has the potential to transform healthcare by enhancing human interactions and automating operations like never before – Thomas Kurian

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