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9th July 2024

MendaCel Inc Introduce Cutting-Edge Wound Care Device

“MendaCel’s cutting-edge portable wound care technology is set to revolutionise the standard of care for our troops and vulnerable populations, transforming how we deliver life-saving treatment on the go.”

– Mark Darius Frank, Chief Executive Officer, MendaCel, Inc.

Great news for the MedTech community! MendaCel, Inc. will be joining us at MedTech Malta 2024 this November for our KOL-led conference. They’ll be introducing state-of-the-art technology set to transform wound care.

Mark your calendars to meet industry leaders like CEO Mark Darius Frank and his talented team. This event promises inspiring conversations and invaluable networking opportunities!

The latest from the wound care frontier

Imagine a loved one—perhaps your grandmother or your sibling—struggling with chronic pain from a wound that refuses to heal. The frustration and the countless trips to doctors, the endless treatments, and the anxiety of watching someone you care for suffer is heart-wrenching. 

This isn’t just a personal struggle; it’s a staggering national issue. In 2018 alone, Medicare spent up to a jaw-dropping $96.8 billion on acute and chronic wound treatments in the United States.

Fast forward to 2022, and the global wound care market is valued at $21.4 billion, with projections soaring to $29.57 billion by 2030. This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about nearly 9 million people in the U.S.—approximately 2.5% of the population—whose quality of life is severely impacted by chronic wounds. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports a steady annual growth rate of 6% in this sector, emphasising the escalating need for advanced wound care solutions.

At the conference, MendaCel, Inc. will be showcasing the MendaCel device, a game-changing innovation in wound care. This groundbreaking solution combines cutting-edge wound lavage treatment with turbulent fluid flow, negative pressure, and fresh medicinal applications, setting a new standard for healing.

In addition to its cutting-edge wound care capabilities, the MendaCel device introduces a revolutionary approach to patient bathing. Imagine the relief of knowing that your loved ones, already vulnerable due to chronic wounds, can now experience a new benchmark in hygiene and care. Designed to mitigate contamination and enhance patient bathing, MendaCel promises not only improved healing but also significantly better patient outcomes.

The device’s turbulent fluid flow technology ensures thorough yet gentle cleansing, effectively reducing the risk of infection while maximising patient comfort. This integrated bathing solution simplifies hygiene routines, allowing healthcare providers to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and care effortlessly. 

The company’s COO, John Gardner, highlighted the innovation by pointing out the stagnation in recent developments, stating, “Patient bathing has not seen any technological advances since the inclusion of hot water and sponges.”

More about the MendaCel device

The MendaCel device is a groundbreaking advancement in wound care, utilising advanced wound lavage techniques with turbulent fluid flow to effectively cleanse wounds. This method ensures the thorough removal of debris, bacteria, and necrotic tissue, creating an optimal environment for healing and enhancing the body’s natural processes.

A standout feature of the MendaCel device is its integration of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT). This controlled vacuum approach reduces swelling, promotes blood flow, and draws out excess fluids, accelerating healing and reducing the risk of infection.

Additionally, the MendaCel device incorporates medicinal applications through fresh chemical exchanges, delivering therapeutic agents directly to the wound site. This continuous refresh of the chemical environment enhances healing and prevents infection, ensuring optimal conditions for recovery and patient health.

Infection control is paramount, and the MendaCel device excels here as well. Its closed system design keeps external contaminants at bay, while the turbulent fluid flow mechanism continuously flushes out harmful pathogens. This dual-action approach guarantees a sterile wound and bathing environment, fostering safer and more effective healing.

About MendaCel, Inc.

MendaCel, Inc. invites you to explore the future of wound care and patient bathing with the MendaCel device. Designed for healthcare providers and patients alike, its user-friendly interface enhances efficiency while reducing healing times, pain, and infection rates. Contact us today to learn how MendaCel can revolutionise your practice and improve patient outcomes.

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