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29th March 2021

MicrosensDx rapid COVID-19 test receives CE mark

MicrosensDx, a British biotech company, has secured CE mark certification for its rapid COVID-19 test

MicrosensDx’s rapid COVID-19 test, RapiPRO LAMP SARS-CoV-2, reaches a new milestone after receiving CE mark certification. This new technology will assist in mass diagnosis essential to control COVID-19 outbreaks as soon as they occur.
The firm has a 20-year history in IVD development and are behind the testing for tuberculosis (TB). Now, the RapiPRO LAMP technology could have the potential of highlighting other pathogens like norovirus, influenza or respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).
The test could cater well to the airport and leisure operators who require rapid COVID-19 testing which LAMP technology could supply. In addition, the test can be conducted by a healthcare technician with minimal training making it easy and highly accessible.
Dr Mark Street-Docherty, CEO at MicrosensDx, said in a press release:

Rapid, accurate testing remains vital to the COVID-19 response, even as vaccine rollout gathers pace around the world. LAMP tests offer greater speed than PCR tests and greater sensitivity than lateral flow antigen assays. Our RapiPRO LAMP SARS-CoV-2 test is highly sensitive, (97.4%) and highly specific (96.0%). It has been successfully deployed on largescale industrial sites, DHSC settings and in Test-to-Release schemes, to conduct the validation.
We’re very pleased to announce the CE marking and are now scaling production in the UK, in addition to actively discussing new partnerships with international distributors and technology partners as we roll out the test in new territories.

Source: Med-Tech Innovation News