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12th March 2021

Wearable system gets CE mark for COVID-19 detection

Empatica’s wearable Aura system that detects respiratory infections such as Covid-19 before visible symptoms appear receives a CE mark

Empatica win a CE mark for its Aura wearable artificial intelligence (AI) system that detects respiratory infections like COVID-19 early. The device is catered to individuals aged 14 years and over.
The systems’ algorithm assesses key signals from Empatica’s smartwatches, collecting data on the wearer, then comparing it to historical baselines. In the case that an infection is identified, the system can automatically inform the wearer, their caregivers and healthcare provider.
According to studies, the system correctly identified 94% of participants who were at risk of infection within two days on average. This included symptoms and signs of rhinoviruses, H1N1 swine flu, and COVID-19.

Empatica CEO Matteo Lai says in a press release:

Our goal with Aura was to create an effective, scalable, and affordable tool for screening infection risk and supporting testing efficiency, all while monitoring people’s health remotely.
We hope Aura can play an important role in controlling new outbreaks and helping people safely get back to work and to a normal life.”

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Source: Medical Device Network